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China's foreign trade situation report (spring 2008)

China's foreign trade situation report (spring 2008)

Comprehensive Department of the People's Republic of China Ministry of International Trade and Economic Cooperation Research Institute

This report reviews the 2007 China's foreign trade development. The report pointed out that the overall environment at home and abroad are still more favorable in 2007 China's foreign trade continued to maintain steady and rapid development of import and export volume growth in six years in a row more than 20% for the first time 2,000,000,000,000 U.S. dollars has leapt to a new level, continue to top World No. 3, exports ranked No. 2 in the world. At the same time, the state promulgated a series of import and export control policies began to show effect, the import and export commodity structure was further optimized, the development of foreign trade with the new changes in the way of progress.

The report analyzed the first quarter of 2008, China's foreign trade performance. In the first quarter of the world economic growth is slowing down, the South China emerging low-temperature freezing rain and snow disasters, parts of transport, power supply was interrupted, the import and export have had some influence, but overall a good run foreign trade. Export growth continues to come down, import growth continued to accelerate; further optimize the structure of export commodities, energy resources and imports rose Growth; general trade continued to increase the proportion of state-owned enterprises significantly accelerate the growth of imports; the United States and Europe on the export growth of the significant downturn in East Asia and Active trade in emerging markets.

The report looked to the year 2008 China's foreign trade development. According to the report, in 2008 China's foreign trade environment at home and abroad face tight, especially in the export business may further increase the pressure. Therefore, enterprises should pay close attention to changes in the international market situation, crisis management skills, strengthening enterprise management, to adjust product mix, improve product quality, technological content and added value, speed up the transformation of foreign trade development.



China's foreign trade situation report      

5546717.html" target=_blank>Second, in the first quarter of 2008 foreign trade performance and features
   Third, in 2008 China's foreign trade prospects

Column    A column: the situation in the U.S. economy and U.S. dollar exchange rate movements
   Second column: International market prices of primary products rise
   Third column: import and export tax policies to adjust to the impact of China's import and export

Annex    Annex I: World economic and trade situation
   Annex II: China's macro-economic situation
   Annex III: international commodity market

Statistics Table 1 1999-2008 in January to March the general situation of China's import and export <BR> Table 2 1999-2008 in January-March China's export structure <BR> Table 3 1999-2008 in January-March China imports structure <BR> Table 4 1999-2008 in January-March China's export trade sub-<BR> Table 5 1999-2008 in January-March exports of Chinese enterprises at the nature of <BR> Table 6 1999-2008 1 -3 On Chinese exports by country (region)
   Table 7 1999-2008 in January to March, China's imports by country (region)
   Table 8 2001-2008 in January-March exports of Chinese provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities)
   Table 9 2001-2008 in January-March imports of Chinese provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities)

(Information Source: Comprehensive Department of the Ministry of Commerce)