Liu Zhongli, chairman of the AICPA in the nine ministries jointly issued "on the support of the accounting firms to expand exports of services of a number of" A reporter asked

December 26, 2007, the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance and other ministries jointly issued nine "on the support of the accounting firms to expand exports of services of a number of opinions" (hereinafter referred to as "a number"), put forward all-round support for the accounting firm of "going out" Policy measures. In this interview with Chinese correspondents of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA hereinafter referred to as China) Liu Zhongli, president.

Liu Zhongli: At present, China's economy is growing into the world economy, Chinese enterprises to take advantage of various forms of international capital markets to raise funds; Chinese enterprises to invest and the size of the co-operation has expanded year by year. This requires the Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants to speed up access to international markets accounting for the "going out" enterprises with a higher level and to facilitate more professional services.

CPA "going out" on the one hand, pay close attention to the need to solve their own accounting firm in technology, human resources, internal management and brand building, on the other hand, the urgent need for national policy guidance and support to address the accounting firm "go Out "specific difficulties encountered and problems. Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance and other ministries jointly issued by nine, "a number" for the industry "going out" to provide an important and necessary policy support and protection by the industry's concerns and spoke highly of.

"A number" of the release, reflecting the state and relevant departments of industry "going out" attaches great importance to the work. Accounting services exports is to develop trade in services, change the growth mode of foreign trade and upgrade the level of opening up an important part. 9 issued jointly by the ministries and sectors to support the "going out" a comprehensive policy paper on the country show that the full development of the service industry as well as the accounting firm of "going out" attaches great importance to our industry is extremely encouraging and promoting.

"A number" of the release, the industry is not only a "going out" policy to support a result of the industry will greatly promote the "going out" process. At the same time, Chinese enterprises "going out" strategy, both outside financing or outside investment, are important support and protection.

Liu Zhongli: "A number of opinion" against the accounting firm of "going out" to face specific difficulties and problems from the nine aspects of the policy support measures. In summary, include:

First, encourage enterprises to "go out" in the process of playing the role of the professional accounting firm. Institute of Certified Public Accountants of information to guide the international forensic examination, strategic consulting and other professional functions, services for enterprises "going out" plays an important role. To this end, "a number of" made to encourage overseas Chinese-funded banks in the course of development, as well as ownership of state-owned enterprises and other enterprises in investment and financing foreign security, increase the value of assets as well as the internal control system in areas such as the use of accounting firms Professional force; accounting firm to encourage and support Chinese enterprises to "go out" to provide forensic auditing and management consulting in areas such as professional services. The measures of Certified Public Accountants for the development of the industry to provide a new market space and opportunities.

Secondly, the accounting firms to expand exports of services to encourage a number of clear policy. For example, a clear audit contractors forensic accounting firm, management consulting, technical design, and other offshore business process outsourcing services, as well as other cross-border provision of services, overseas investment, to enjoy the state's tax incentives policies. To address not only the accounting firm of "going out" practical problems, but also for "going out" to expand exports of services provided an important direction.

Third, the accounting firms to expand exports of services has taken a number of measures to facilitate. For example, to simplify the approval procedures of
foreign exchange, the relaxation of restrictions on the use of use of foreign exchange; in accordance with the law to simplify the practitioners from the country (territory) procedures; encourage outside accounting firm to set up business agencies, the departments concerned in the offshore investment promotion, support and protection services, approved And so on, to facilitate and qualification recognition, information consulting, marketing and inspection of the International Liaison, and so on, to support it.

Fourth, to actively create a favorable environment for foreign business. For example, the Institute of Certified Public Accountants, as the industry inside and outside the international trade in services and trade exhibitions and important part of the negotiations, focusing on promotion to be; regulators approved the promotion of overseas Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants issued the report of the business; through bilateral and multilateral negotiations and free trade area negotiations so as to Countries and regions of the accounting market, the accounting firm to relax the cross-border period of stay, to simplify accounting firms to set up offshore operations procedures; in the large-scale cooperation projects, the professional accounting services in cooperation with the contents of the agreement, led accounting firms "Going out."

Fifth, the continuous improvement of the domestic industry practice of Certified Public Accountants market environment. Reduce unnecessary restrictions on eligibility, trade barriers and market segmentation, and create a more favorable accounting firm's policy to open up international markets legal environment.

Reporter: The Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants AICPA as industry organizations, to promote and guide the development of the industry has been playing an important role in the industry and the general public on the AICPA in hopes high.

Liu Zhongli: "The views of a number of" out, so that we become more aware of Certified Public Accountants industry "going out" for the international business strategy, change the growth mode of foreign trade, as well as the importance of upgrading the industrial structure. We will build on policies and measures based on trying to promote, guide and service sectors of Certified Public Accountants of "going out" process, the efforts to play a strategic planning, policy coordination, international liaison and information guide.

First, a careful analysis of the international accounting market and the accounting policy of opening up the market, to speed up the development of international strategic studies, international exchange of goals, focus on measures and means for the accounting firm of "going out" to communicate information, as a go-between.

Second, the implementation of an in-depth human resources strategy. Industry to "go out" as the background to speed up the training of leading international human resources; to foster international qualifications of Certified Public Accountants targeting professionals and accelerating the reform of the examination system, upgrade the examination idea of reform of the examination methods and improve the content of the exam.

Third, to consolidate and deepen the outcome of the convergence of international auditing standards to promote the Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants of international recognition for the accounting firm of "going out" to provide technical support and quality conditions.

Fourth, to further strengthen coordination with relevant, to promote "a number of opinions" put forward by the implementation of policies and measures, in order to encourage, inspire accounting firm of "going out" to provide a powerful driving force.

Fifth, the accounting firm to "go out" to provide closer to the demand for services. For example, improving the "going out" information platform; AICPA research in the key areas of the Office of the building; promote the accounting firms to participate in various trade fairs, fair, international cooperation in bidding projects and other activities, and strengthen the accounting firm "Going out" the links between enterprises; closely follow the accounting firm of "going out" pace, sum up experience in a timely manner to help solve their problems.

(Information Source: Information Office of the Ministry of Commerce)