Division of the Ministry of Commerce Industry Interpretation "of precursor chemicals import and export management of international verification"

September 7, 2006, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Public Security promulgated the "precursor chemicals import and export management of international verification", the "provision" will be implemented one month later. The "provision" is not an entirely new regulations, but according to China's anti-drug situation and development, on the 2000 "of precursor chemicals import and export management of international verification" amendments. Recently, the Ministry of Commerce Industry Division of "states that" amendments to the background and characteristics of the new interpretation.

Secretary for the Ministry of Commerce Industry said that in recent years, through the joint efforts of the entire party and society, China's narcotics control work has yielded great results. However, as in neighboring China's long-term narcotics source surrounded by the impact of drugs and domestic factors in the increase in drug-related effects of the drug problem is still grim, still developing and spreading trend. Party and state leaders have made important instructions on many occasions, it is necessary to rely on the masses of the people to fight a people's anti-drug war, the sources and hazards of drugs, for the comprehensive construction of a well-off society and create a harmonious and stable social environment. In August 2005, the State Council promulgated the "precursor chemicals Management Ordinance", which was November 1, 2005 implementation. This is the people of our government to carry out anti-drug war, in the fight against drug-related crimes,堵源截流aspects of an important measure to another.

Industry Division said that the amendment "provides that" the basic principle is that the combination of anti-drug work needs to strengthen precursor chemicals import and export of the overall management, cultivating self-awareness of law-abiding enterprises, implementation of the "Administrative Licensing Law" and "external Trade Law ", in accordance with the law to protect the effective implementation of the executive management, increase penalties for violations, to achieve high efficiency, simplification, uniformity requirements.

Industry Division, said the new "Regulations" and the original "provides that" compared with the following characteristics:

First, an increase of imports to verify the contents of

According to the current precursor chemicals management, the actual situation, the new "Regulations" in addition to the provisions of precursor chemicals exports outside international verification, an increase of imports to verify the contents. According to Article IX provides for the exporting countries (regions) the government department in charge of the verification request, the material will be transferred to the Ministry of Public Security Department of Commerce, by the Ministry of Commerce of the operators authenticity, quality and import of precursor chemicals for verification purposes rationality, The Ministry of Public Security of the operators of imports of precursor chemicals practical purposes, the amount to verify it. Department of Commerce can be entrusted to the provincial commerce department in charge of verification, as there is no problem with the verification of imports, the Commerce Department to the Ministry of Public Security for the feedback.

Second, an increase of sample verification provisions

Former "provi
des that" no clear on how to operate the verification product samples. In the current practice, regardless of the number of samples to verify product size, will be the implementation of international verification, verification time limits and under the general trade import and export of bulk products to verify the time limit without distinction. The above verification is not conducive to international trade enterprises to carry out normal. The newly revised "Regulations" Article VIII, an increase of sample verification provisions, that is 100 grams (inclusive) samples do not need verification, just under the general precursor chemicals import and export license management can be handled. This provision in the normative acts of legitimate trade enterprises at the same time, in order to carry out acts of normal trade facilitated.

Third, an increase of the principle of full control

Full control of the so-called principle, which is found to be the existence of import and export of goods being diverted to illicit purposes, whenever possible, should cease to be carried out in international trade. According to the "Regulations" stipulates that the precursor chemicals for import and export license management. For the implementation of the state of precursor chemicals management policies, enhance self-discipline, increase management, and for precursor chemicals management of import and export of dual-use items from management's "total control" principle, the new " provides that "a corresponding increase in the following terms of Article XI," if found to be the verification of import and export of chemicals have the possibility of diversion for illicit purposes, the Ministry of Commerce may revoke the permit has been issued. "

Fourth, an increase of enterprises to strengthen self-construction of the contents of

According to "precursor chemicals regulations" of "precursor chemicals import, export unit should establish internal precursor chemicals management system" provisions in the new "Regulations" to add Article X, "the verification of chemicals operators should be strengthened internal management, establish and improve the verification file import and export management of chemicals, at least two years retained for future reference, and to designate a person responsible for verification of import and export of chemicals related to work. "

V. adjusted verification directory

To increase management transparency, a clear verification product name, easy to operate, according to "Precursor Chemicals Management Regulations" on precursor chemicals classified management of the requirements of ephedrine, pseudo-ephedrine and other ephedra products break down, a total of set out in detail the 19 kinds. At the same time, removing the need to verify the original, but the new promulgated the "Regulations" directory of dihydro minus safrole, the formation of the current total of two types of verification of the management of 33 kinds of directory.

Industry Secretary, said that the Ministry of Commerce as a precursor chemicals import and export department in charge will be implemented together with the new "states that" the introduction of various forms of propaganda and training activities. And hope that all relevant units and individuals, foreign trade in accordance with the law to ensure the effective implementation of relevant laws and regulations.