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China's foreign trade situation report (autumn 2008)

China's foreign trade situation report (autumn 2008)

Comprehensive Department of the People's Republic of China Ministry of International Trade and Economic Cooperation Research Institute


The report reviewed the first three quarters of 2008, China's foreign trade performance. In general, the first three quarters of China's foreign trade continued to maintain steady and rapid development of import and export structure to further improve the quality continued to improve, change the growth mode of foreign trade took new steps.

According to the report, as the U.S. sub-loan crisis into a global financial crisis, world economic growth may continue to slow down this year after a few months China's foreign trade development of the external environment will be further tightening. According to the current situation is expected, the year 2008 China's total imports and exports of goods will reach 2,600,000,000,000 U.S. dollars, an increase of 20%.

In 2009 the world economic situation will become even more complex and serious, destabilizing factors of uncertainty may continue to increase China's imports and exports could be further deepened. But China's foreign trade maintained stable and rapid development of the favorable conditions and there are still many positive factors. First, China's export industry has become a strong competitive advantage; Second, the international economy down, China's export products still have a distinct competitive advantage; Third, exporters cope with changes in the external environment has continuously increased its ability; Fourth, emerging Market and the market is still great potential for developing countries. Comprehensive analysis of China's foreign trade development in 2009 are facing opportunities and challenges faced, the opportunities outweigh the challenges in general.



China's foreign trade situation ofollow" href="http://zhs.mofcom.gov.cn/aarticle/Nocategory/200811/20081105897283.html" target=_blank>report, the first three quarters of 2008 foreign trade performance
Second, foreign trade situation in the whole year 2008 forecast
Third, in 2009 China's foreign trade situation and prospects

Annex Annex I: World economic and trade situation
Annex II: China's macro-economic situation
Annex III: international commodity market
Annex IV: China's service trade

Statistics Table 1 1999-2008 in January-September the overall situation of China Import and Export Table 2 1999-2008 Jan-Sept China's export structure Table 3 1999-2008 January-September imports of Chinese goods, the structure of Table 4 1999-2008 Jan-Sept China's export trade at 5 1999-2008 January-September exports of Chinese enterprises at the nature of Table 6 1999-2008 in Jan-Sept China's exports by country (region)
Table 7 1999-2008 in January to September, China's imports by country (region)
Table 8 2001-2008 in January-September exports of Chinese provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities)
Table 9 2001-2008 in January-September imports of Chinese provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities)

(Information Source: Comprehensive Department of the Ministry of Commerce)