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Ministry of Foreign Trade who is responsible for issues relating to reform of the Guangzhou Trade Fair on answering a reporter's question

Ministry of Foreign Trade who is responsible for issues relating to reform of the Guangzhou Trade Fair on answering a reporter's question

104th China Export Commodities Fair (hereinafter referred to as Canton Fair) will be held on October 15, the Ministry of Foreign Trade who is responsible for the recent reform of the Guangzhou Trade Fair on the issue answered a reporter's question.

A: Since its inception in 1957, the Canton Fair in the interest of the CPC Central Committee and State Council, throughout the country, especially in Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City, with the strong support of the people through the joint efforts of several generations of foreign trade, has become China's largest commodities Most species-wide, to be the largest business turnover was the most effective and comprehensive international trade event. In 2008 the first session of the Canton Fair 103 enterprises reached 18,000 exhibitors, exhibitors of goods amounted to hundreds of thousands of species to be nearly 20 million customers, export turnover 37,200,000,000 U.S. dollars. Canton Fair to promote the development of China's foreign trade has played a unique and important role.

In 1974 before undergoing a second relocation of the Canton Fair. 1957 1st in Guangzhou, Sino-Soviet Friendship Building, founded in 1958 3rd to the 5th session of the 1959 Chinese export commodities in the gallery organized, 1959 6th until 1974, the 34th held in Haizhu Square Pavilion . In 1974 the 35th, moved to Canton Fair Liuhua Complex held construction area of 110,000 square meters, more than doubled Haizhu Square Pavilion. The relocation of these are participating as a result of goods and the increasing number of business people, less than the original exhibition space, the need to seek a bigger hall. During this period, China's foreign trade by professional foreign trade corporation monopolized by the Fair Trade Organization head professional foreign trade mission participation.

The early reform and opening up, China's foreign trade step by step development, gradually expand the channels to operate. Exports in 1978 from 97.5 billion dollars in 1990 to 621 billion U.S. dollars in foreign trade enterprises from 107 to 2070. Fair trade group units by the professional corporation to expand the country's ministries of Trade and Industry has set up the machinery and equipment, electronic transactions, such as corporations. At the same time, Liuhua through many layers increase, expansion and transformation, from the construction area of 110,000 square meters to 130,000 square meters of exhibition area has been expanded accordingly.

With the decentralization of foreign trade management, professional foreign trade companies and the local head office cut their ties soil food, textile, light industry, mechanical and electrical products, metals, minerals, medical insurance and so on the import and export of the six chambers of commerce have been established, the further development of foreign trade, foreign trade enterprises to further expand the ranks of . In 1993, exports amounted to 91,700,000,000 U.S. dollars, foreign trade enterprises, 5474. Guangzhou Trade Fair 1994 from the 76th starting group will show the system be changed to "provincial and municipal groups, chambers of commerce group Museum," At the same time, in accordance with international practice area set up sub-categories of commodities has greatly mobilized the local authorities and business operators (ASEAN) will participate Guangzhou Trade Fair initiative to facilitate the procurement and export business transactions. Since then, the overwhelming majority of enterprises to meet the needs of exhibitors, Trade Fair Hall Road, spent convection ongoing transformation potential, will have shopping malls, warehouses, office space and service establishments into the exhibition hall, booth size from 1994 to 4200 to 2000 7000.

So far in 2001, with China's accession to the World Trade Organization, foreign trade maintained rapid growth, the main foreign trade has grown from exports in 2001 of 266,100,000,000 U.S. dollars in 2007 to 1,200,000,000,000 U.S. dollars, foreign trade enterprises from 2001's 44,000 In 2007 to 370,000. The majority of small and medium enterprises through the Guangzhou Trade Fair to open up international markets increasingly strong desire, stand between supply and demand further. In the Liuhua Complex has been full potential, the Canton Fair in 2002 from the 91st, "one museum a" to "A House 2", an order for an industrial products, textiles and clothing Medicines and Health Products, for the second phase of daily consumer goods, gifts; the total number of booths to 15,700, equivalent to double the actual booth. With the Pazhou Complex Area A (Booth 7000), built in 2004 from the 95th, by the Guangzhou Trade Fair "House 2" to "two House 2", the total number of booths expanded to 27,500. 2008 Pazhou Complex Area B (Booth 6900) put into use, according to the Guangzhou Trade Fair to continue to "Hall 2" holding pattern, the total number of booths to reach 42,000.

A: In the Canton Fair has made great achievements in the development of the faces prominent contradictions and problems. Although the number of booths by the expansion, but the reality of 8-10 million compared to the demand, there are still large gaps between supply and demand has not yet been fundamentally alleviated. Due to the limited size of the booth, can not fully meet the needs of enterprises, the impact of the expansion of the ranks of exhibitors and optimization; Liuhua by the full potential, not only can not stand for the further expansion of space, but also left a security risk; on-site service levels and Incompatible with the scale of the exhibition, the exhibition can not meet the requirements of customers; booths around the interests and conflicts are relatively concentrated and difficult to balance the relationship between the parties, management needs to be raised.

In October 2008, Pazhou Complex will be completed and put into operation, covering over 800,000 square meters, construction area of more than 1,100,000 square meters, with a total exhibition area of 340,000 square meters, the total number of 18,000 booths, Liu Hua Road 11,000 increase in the exhibition hall, conditional to better meet the needs of enterprises. In the booth is to ease the contradiction of supply and demand, we can continue to play a "provincial and municipal groups, chambers of commerce group Museum," the organization's unique advantages on the basis of further straighten out the relationship between the specific functions and standardize management. At the same time, modern exhibition hall and first-class facilities, in favor of the establishment of a Trade Fair and Exhibition adapt to the modern demands of the management team to increase the exhibitors and buyers the ability and level of services to enhance the core competitiveness of the Canton Fair, Canton Fair to achieve better Faster development.

A: Since the May 2007 start of work since the reform of the Canton Fair, the Ministry of Commerce of the Party Group attached great importance to the reform of the 5th research program, put forward a series of specific requests. Departments in charge of extensive consultations with all parties, revise and improve the program step by step and finally get the parties to the common recognition.

First of all, to tap the collective wisdom, and explore ideas. 2007 June-July, the Department of the Chengdu 6 held seminars, business organizations (ASEAN) will be, local authorities and business enterprises, experts and scholars on behalf of the Guangzhou Trade Fair to discuss the problems of development and reform ideas. At the 102 session of the Canton Fair, we also held a forum 2, Exhibition visited enterprises, research organizations, topics, and business (ASEAN) will be trading corporations and exhibitors to exchange business, listen to the recommendations. In December 2007, the reform of the initial ideas to form, approved by the Department of the Party Group agreed to work train of thought.

The second is scientific proof, step-by-step forward. In accordance with the Party Group put forward the principle of step-by-step, January to April this year, we split on the Guangzhou Trade Fair will run the program has organized trade missions 3, business (ASEAN) meetings, exhibitions and experts and business representatives to discuss a written request for the 50 trading Mission, 6 providers (ASEAN) and foreign business associations, as well as some of the views of the electronic questionnaire survey, on-site visits, and so on the way to seek the views of buyers, the parties generally agreed held in three phases. In April this year, since the approval of the Party Group from the 104th Guangzhou Trade Fair organized by the three split for reform. With regard to the allocation of booths, the use of booth management reform measures, we have written several times to solicit business 7 (ASEAN) and 50 trade missions, and are held (ASEAN) will be, local authorities and business enterprises to participate in the exhibition forum So, listen to their views, and gradually formed a consensus, based on this proposed reform of the preliminary program and received the approval of the Party Group.

The third is an in-depth communication and improve the program. Since July this year, according to the requirements of the Party Group, we have enterprises participating in the program to review the qualifications, brand booth, booth location, size of the special exhibition area and the central business enterprises, such as (ASEAN) and trading corporations concerned about several issues Number of consultations with relevant units, and based on consultations conducted the necessary adjustment. By the end of July, the Department of the Party Group approved the reform package.

On the whole, more than a year of extensive research, comments and amendments to improve and reform programs focus on the various aspects of wisdom, reflecting the views of all sides to resolve the various concerns of the vast number of enterprises to protect the interests of the local province has been City, intermediary organizations, trade centers and foreign trade enterprises of the widely recognized and supported.

Answer: According to the Minister of Commerce Chen Deming put forward by Comrade "in an active and steady, step-by-step forward, business services and raise the level of" the principle of the reform include:

(A) to further transform government functions and responsibilities of a clear positioning, local services and businesses. Organizers Ministry of Commerce as a major trade fair to validate long-term development plan and related institutional arrangements to guide the parties to carry out the work. Trade Center as the main units responsible for the development of Guangzhou Trade Fair and long-term planning, implementation of the program to do outreach, in charge of marketing, promotion, exhibition and information services, such as during the trade fair administration of the organization and to assist in Guangzhou to do a good job security. Decentralization, the distribution of power to the booth, by the local department in charge of arrangements for business enterprises. Give full play to the business (ASEA
N) will coordinate industry and the role of the intermediary functions of the organization, relying on Canton Fair to promote better development of the industry and self-discipline, mutual legal.

(B) straighten out the relationship between the central enterprises, the central business transactions mission integration. United, a new era of three college-Wuling, in the central business areas are more than 300 enterprises in accordance with the principle of territoriality to deal with the local exhibitors mission. Central to the integration of all business transactions of a corporation participating.

(C) the establishment of rules and systems, improve the sound system of punishment and prevention. To strengthen the institutional construction, building supervision and management mechanism of checks and balances, is the focus of the reform of the Canton Fair. In accordance with the "decision-making, implementation, monitoring," the principle of separate, the Ministry of Commerce formulated the "China Import and Export Commodities Fair Exhibition export brand the number of booths arrangements", "Chinese Import and Export Commodities Fair Exhibition export arrangements for the general approach to the number of booths," " China Import and Export Commodities Fair Exhibition booth location export arrangements "and the" Chinese Import and Export Commodities Fair booth sales booth and investigate the use of "4, and other management practices, standards and norms to operate effectively reflect the fair, just and open to the purposes , To reduce uncertainty in the operation; to make full use of Internet technology, and stands to increase the use of the transparency of the management to raise the level of the parties to participate in the formation of an effective supervision mechanism.

(D) to expand the scale of the exhibition, to ease supply and demand. From the 104th Guangzhou Trade Fair will be from "House 2" to "a three Museum", the exhibition will be a total area of more than 1,000,000 square meters, the total number of booths from 103 session of Canton Fair 42,000 to 54,000 000 exhibitors from 18,000 to 21,000, more enterprises will be opportunities for exhibitors, stand between supply and demand is expected to be eased.

(E) to adapt to international trends, to do outreach to increase the level of professionalism. Guangzhou Trade Fair held in three phases, from the 5 categories of exhibits broken down into 15 major categories of categories from specialized area of 34 to 50 detailed, 27 of which area of exhibition area, more than 20,000 square meters, are up to international professional large and medium-sized Exhibition. Guangzhou Trade Fair will maintain a comprehensive advantage exhibition, at a higher starting point to achieve a comprehensive exhibition and the organic integration of professional exhibition.

In short, this reform is to move to a comprehensive grasp of the Pazhou Complex, an opportunity to meet the needs of small enterprises through system innovation, the gradual establishment of "macro-management departments, local participating groups, chambers of commerce, industry co-ordination, co-ordination Center will be done , The four-party joint balances, management of scientific norms, "the operation of the system. Through reform, the Guangzhou Trade Fair has become a mechanism to create better, more scientific management, a more prominent effect, a more significant impact on foreign trade platform.

A: I can say that will not reduce the access threshold.

First of all, by the country's foreign trade management rights of enterprises, about 700,000, there are specific business needs of participants around 8-10 million, the 104th Guangzhou Trade Fair exhibitors are expected to have 21,000, compared with only good companies can Access to exhibitors. Second, in addition to the requirements of our exhibitors have some additional exports will also increase product quality and safety, environmental protection, scientific and technological innovation, social responsibility, the credit appraisal system indicators. Third, the development of four new management to ensure that only good corporate reputation, quality and reliable products quality products in order to participate in the Guangzhou Trade Fair.

Therefore, foreign buyers can rest assured that after the reform and the Guangzhou Trade Fair in the past, businesses and the products are reliable.

A: (a) increase in the services space, such as banks introduce more services and catering facilities; increase in the exhibition area to rest for merchants to provide a more comfortable environment; to optimize the system-oriented guidelines to facilitate the procurement business.

(B) Pazhou Complex, substantial improvements in the surrounding area traffic conditions. First, the Guangzhou municipal government and relevant departments in consultation, in accordance with the current "mass transit the way first" approach to divert traffic around the exhibition hall, opened at the same time Pazhou Complex and the relevant sections of the external municipal road intersection formed by the "bottleneck" ; Second, improve the Pazhou Complex A, B, C of the three major area of traffic-oriented systems and guidelines; Third, the co-District Government and the relevant departments, the exhibition hall on the surrounding environment in a comprehensive way.

(C) continue to step up security. Guangzhou Trade Fair will use this technology-intensive IC card documents, documents not only speed up the processing speed, and can effectively improve the security capabilities, will further increase the safety factor.

(D) strengthen the organization and coordination to ensure the full use of the new museum after the normal operation of the breeze, the group exhibition, the exhibition, to replace the organization's outreach.

(E) of the area of imports, as always, outside the trade show exhibitors goods transport, warehousing, customs clearance, quarantine inspection to provide "one-stop" services.

(F) use of modern Internet technology, strengthen the exhibition match before and after the show to track and strengthen on-line trade fair or trade with the countries of the Organization Web site and mutually beneficial cooperation, expanding trade and the extension of the on-site functions.

A: Fair experienced more than 100 sessions of the development to serve the overall situation of reform and opening up, foreign trade and economic development of the service mission. Seventeen major report, it is necessary to "speed up the transformation of growth mode of foreign trade, based on quality, adjust the structure of import and export." Guangzhou Trade Fair will take a series of reform measures to further optimize the structure of the participating enterprises, and expand the scale of the brand stand to support the exhibition of innovative products and expand import function, efforts to promote foreign trade growth pattern.

The first is to expand the scale of the exhibition, to do outreach to enhance the effect, the Guangzhou Trade Fair into a bigger and stronger foreign trade of the main platform. Guangzhou Trade Fair in China's foreign trade enterprises to carry out an important stage. 103 session of Canton Fair exhibitors 18,000 enterprises, customers will be nearly 20 million people, the export turnover 37,200,000,000 U.S. dollars. Held in three phases, the Canton Fair booth from 42,000 to 54,000, from 18,000 participating enterprises increased to 21,000. Guangzhou Trade Fair will be better to attract more buyers to attend the meeting to improve the effectiveness of exhibitors show business, small and medium enterprises to do more to support the strong masterpiece.

The second is to encourage technological innovation, energy saving and environmental protection products exhibition, the Canton Fair into a propaganda and change the mode of growth of the window, the practice of the platform. Amendment enterprises, prohibition of quality inspection, environmental protection and other departments informed of the illegal enterprises, restrictions on low value-added products exhibition, the ban on "a high-owned products" exhibition. Enterprise applications for accreditation to adjust targets and increase the quality and environmental protection systems, high-tech enterprises, research and development of new score percentile, and so on, for more emphasis on quality and safety, high value-added, high technology and energy saving and environmental protection products business opportunities for exhibitors.

Third, efforts to expand the size of the brand stand, the Canton Fair into a leading brand name companies take the road to the platform. Guangzhou Trade Fair since 2004, the 95th Session of the area set up brand, focused on China's export products, brands and businesses, and export transactions active, clear demonstration effect, the participating enterprises to create their own brand awareness has grown. The first session of the 103 brands booth 6000, the total number of booths of 13%; 1200, but participating businesses into the mouth traded 11,090,000,000 U.S. dollars, accounting for 29% of the total turnover. After the reform, brand-scale exhibition booths will continue to expand, the 104th Canton Fair booth 56.5 percent increase in the number reached 10,000, more people with their own intellectual property rights, brand-based businesses will be better opportunities for promotion.

Fourth, imports of good development, gradually expand the impact of the Canton Fair to promote imports into a mutually beneficial and win-win platform. Since the 101st session of Canton Fair to set up the import area, the effects continue to grow. 103 session of Canton Fair imports of 15,000 square meters exhibition area, from a total of 51 countries and regions, 514 exhibitors enterprises. Russian Ministry of economic and trade delegation for the first time, organized a 4 federal states and more than 10 exhibitors of machinery and electronic products business, and organized the "Russian Business Day"; Turkey's foreign trade department, and other foreign government departments and industrial and commercial organizations participating groups, show the impact of imports continues to expand. 104th Canton Fair will continue to intensify efforts in the breeze, focusing on the invitation of Europe and the United States, Russia and my country a larger trade deficit of enterprises, small and medium enterprises to enter China's offshore market to establish a good channel to provide more business opportunities and achieve Chinese and foreign enterprises and common development.

In short, the new historical period, in addition to Guangzhou Trade Fair for the import and export business transaction platform, will also be committed to do the following three aspects: First, we must serve the change in the way the development of foreign trade and optimize the export structure; Second, Should serve to safeguard the reputation of Chinese manufacturers, China to build brand; Third, we must serve to promote the balanced development of import and export.