2008 1-7 month performance of the consumer goods market

1-7 months, the province's total retail sales of consumer goods to achieve 151,220,000,000 yuan, up 21% increase over the same period last year to increase 5.3 percentage points. Of these, the month in July to achieve the total retail sales of 21.2 billion yuan, up 22.9 percent.

First, total retail sales of completion

Urban and rural markets and prosperity active Gouxiaoliangwang. By urban and rural people's income level, the festival focused on promoting consumption, and other factors, the purchasing power of urban and rural residents has been greatly enhanced, to accelerate sales growth. 1-7 for the month, retail sales of consumer goods in urban areas to achieve 117,080,000,000 yuan, up 21.4 percent, increase over the same period last year to increase 5.1 percentage points; retail sales of consumer goods in rural markets to achieve 34,140,000,000 yuan, up 19.4 percent, increase over the same period last year to improve 5.5 percentage points.

Cities in the consumer goods market to work well. 1-7 months, the province's 13 cities and the Farm Bureau's consumer goods market showed a good running posture, steady growth in retail sales, and growth accelerated. Total retail sales of more than 10,000,000,000 yuan in 5 cities, namely, Harbin, Daqing, Qiqihar, Mudanjiang and Suihua, 5 total retail sales of the city of the province accounted for 80% of the total volume of retail sales. Total retail sales of the province's average growth rate of more than 5 cities, namely, Mudanjiang, Farm Bureau, Yichun, Jiamusi and Daqing, the growth rate of 25.8%, 24.1%, 22.2%, 22.1% and 21.6%, average Growth rate of 22.9 percent for.

Large-scale wholesale and retail enterprises into full play the leading role. So far this year, large-scale wholesale and retail enterprises in market development and give full play to advantages, has introduced a variety of marketing measures to increase the varieties of operation, landscaping shopping environment, efforts to expand sales. 1-7 for the month, above the province's wholesale and retail sales enterprises 30,990,000,000 yuan, up 22.8 percent, an increase of total retail sales of more than 1.8 percentage points higher.

Accommodation and food services strong growth. With the urban and rural residents steadily improved the living standards of the Convention and Exhibition as well as economic, tourism and the development of the market for the province's accommodation and catering market has injected new vitality into the market to gradually increase the demand for and promote the accommodation and catering fast-growing market. 1-7 months, the province's accommodation and catering retail sales in the realization of 18,470,000,000 yuan, up 22.2 percent, increase over the same period last year to increase 5.4 percentage points; wholesale and retail trade enterprises sales 130,600,000,000 yuan, up 21%; other Industry sales 2,150,000,000 yuan, up 9.9 percent.

Second, the consumption structure upgrading the situation

Basic goods sales continued to grow. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, life and a marked increase in consumer spending, driving food, clothing, basic products such as steady growth in sales. 1-7 months SPONSOR focus on monito
ring the wholesale and retail enterprises retail sales 13,980,000,000 yuan, up 21.9 percent. In the monitoring of 25 major categories of merchandise sales statistics, the basic livelihood of all-round increase in sales of products. Of which: food, beverage, tobacco, clothing, shoes and hats, daily necessities type of retail sales increased 23.1 percent year-on-year, 26.1%, 23.5%, 25.5%, 25.2% and 27.3%.

Hot selling a commodity market. Urban and rural residents as a result of changing consumer attitudes, as well as the replacement of large durable goods, to further accelerate the upgrading of the consumption structure. July coincides with the opening of the Olympics, the manufacturers, merchants, brand dealers have played the "Olympic" brand, do everything possible to enliven the market, the expansion of consumption and use it as the core to carry out a variety of promotional activities. In addition, major commercial enterprises out in the summer with the launch of "clearing the end of the summer" campaign vigorously for a discount promotion activities to promote the expansion of the sales. 1-7 months SPONSOR focus on monitoring the wholesale and retail business sales continue to maintain good growth, household products to achieve sales 1,670,000,000 yuan, up 31.1 percent. Flat-panel television sets, personal computers, room air conditioners, digital cameras become the best-selling refrigerators and household goods retail sales in the year-on-year growth of 65.6 percent, respectively, 54.6%, 66.6%, 32.3% and 29.6%. To enrich the spiritual life, improve the quality of life, such as selling goods, sports goods and entertainment, electronic publications and audio and video equipment sales increased 28.7 percent year-on-year, 23.8% and 28%.

Third, the major daily necessities market operation

Rice, flour prices, increased sales of rice. July, the province's small package of rice average retail price of 3.93 yuan / kg, 1.3 percent decline the previous month, sales increased 4.6 percent; small package of flour average retail price of 3.35 yuan / kg, 2.3 percent decline the previous month, to reduce the sales 4%.

Retail meat prices, reducing sales. July, the province's average retail price of fresh pork 23.62 yuan / kg, 0.8 percent decline the previous month, to reduce the sales of 14.2 percent; the average retail price of fresh beef 30.01 yuan / kg, 0.2 percent decline the previous month, to reduce the sales of 3.3 %; Fresh mutton average retail price of 31.53 yuan / kg, 0.3 percent decline the previous month, sales decreased by 1.1%.

Stable oil prices, reduced sales of eggs. July, the province's average oil price of 13.85 yuan retail / L, unchanged from the previous month, sales increased 5.4 percent; eggs, the average retail price 6.13 yuan / kg, 5.6 percent decline the previous month, 19.9 percent reduction in sales.

Fresh vegetables prices, wholesale trade decreased. In July, daily necessities SPONSOR market monitoring system show that the seasonal decline in prices of vegetables, vegetable driving. The province's 19 major vegetable wholesale price of the average 1.99 yuan / kg, and last month dropped 18.4 percent, wholesale trade decreased 2.1 percent.

Second OO on August 14 2008