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Heilongjiang Province in the first half of the consumer goods market operation

Heilongjiang Province in the first half of the consumer goods market operation

In 2008, the province's business sector at all levels conscientiously implement the provincial government to promote economic development on the deployment of work requirements to adhere to the scientific concept of development as a guide, always "the expansion of consumption and stimulate domestic demand, market prosperity and guide the production, Rich life, to promote harmony and building a well-off "as the province's business focused on the work of the task, and achieved obvious results. Active in the province's prosperity and consumer goods market, prices basically stable, the market continued to expand the scale, speed up the pace of upgrading the consumption structure, urban and rural residents, the steady growth of consumption, the consumption of economic growth has been further enhanced. In the first half of the province's total retail sales of consumer goods to achieve 130,030,000,000 yuan, up 20.7 percent, increase over the same period last year to increase 5.1 percentage points, equivalent to the total consumer retail sales in 2002 as a whole, total retail sales in the first half of 2003 over the Some, the best record levels over the same period.

First, efforts to develop urban and rural markets, the promotion of rapid growth in consumption. So far this year, SPONSOR to "further promote the consumption of urban and rural areas, enhance the consumption of economic growth and achieve annual retail sales of consumer goods increased by 14% of the objectives" of the province as a business center task. Issued the "do a better job on the expansion of consumer notification" and "on the expansion of consumption to promote the special," which further defined the urban and rural areas to open up the consumer market and guide people to expand the consumption of specific measures. "Business sector-led, with the departments concerned, enterprises and trade" model across the province carried out "to promote energy-saving products and build a green home" and "to facilitate consumer into the community, convenience services into the home," "New Year shopping On "and" Great New Year "and" computer section, "" Summer night markets culture, trade, "" Food Festival "," open-air Motor Show, "and so on a variety of promotional activities, costs and spare no effort to open up markets in urban and rural areas, the peak season for the off-season change. In the first half, urban retail sales of consumer goods to achieve 100,930,000,000 yuan, up 21.1 percent, increase over the same period last year to increase 5 percentage points, retail sales of consumer goods in rural areas to achieve 29.1 billion yuan, up 19.2 percent, increase over the same period last year to increase 5.6 percent , 5 years in a row to keep 2-digit growth. 13 cities and the Farm Bureau growth rate of total retail sales of more than the province's goal of Mudanjiang, Farm Bureau, Yichun, Jiamusi, Daqing, Jixi City, the total retail sales are to achieve year-on-year increase of 20%.

Second, the necessity to put sufficient, it is important festivals in the market stability. For since the beginning of some of the food supply tight, the market prices of the situation and the pressure of sudden natural disasters, such as increased uncertainties SPONSOR concentrate on the important holiday to protect the market supply and stability. First, the necessity to increase the proportion of purchasing and supply, to ensure that the focus of meat, rice, flour, oil, vegetables, eggs, and other necessities of the holiday market. The province's 13 cities during the Spring Festival, pork, beef and mutton, poultry meat, eggs, cooked meat products, aquatic products, vegetables, cooking oil and rice, put the flour in both higher than in previous years. The second is for the South snowstorm may be in our province and vegetables in the market impact of the province to guide inter-city transfers of the shortage of variety, and urged the organization to actively focus on the wholesale market supply of agricultural products, increase the amount to ensu
re that the vegetable market during the Spring Festival traffic. Harbin hada fruit and vegetable wholesale market every day to keep the amount listed in more than 1,600,000 kilograms, and Mudanjiang, Hegang, and other places Qitaihe City, the shortage of transfers of small Pepper varieties, cauliflower, beans 200 tons of oil. Third, during the Spring Festival, the organization of live pigs live game reserve base to launch high-quality live Harbin 520 tons, of which 120 tons to save the country, where 400 tons of reserves, the effective protection of Harbin holiday market supply and stability.

Third, selling hot commodities continued to promote the consumption structure to further speed up the pace. The first type of household goods sales. With the rising level of consumer electronic products and technologies with each passing day, household appliances replacement for the average household has access to major shopping malls large-screen LCD TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and other types of household appliances hot commodity. In the first half, SPONSOR focus on monitoring the wholesale and retail business selling household goods up 32.9 percent. The flat-panel TV sales grew 69.7 percent, household refrigerators 29.5 percent year-on-year growth, frequency conversion air conditioners up 111.6 percent. Harbin Suning Appliance Co., Ltd., Daqing Oil Field Kunlun sales of home appliances, household electrical appliances Heilongjiang Black Swan Co., Ltd. respectively year-on-year sales growth of 83.7%, 63.1% and 28%. The second is to improve the quality of life is a big selling hot commodity. In pursuit of spiritual life, improve the quality of life of cosmetics, gold and silver jewelry, sports and entertainment products and electronic publications and audio-visual products market sales of durable hot spots. In the first half, SPONSOR focus on the wholesale and retail enterprises to monitor the home computer, gold and silver jewelry, cosmetics, sports and entertainment products and electronic publications and audio-visual products sales rose 62.9 percent year-on-year, 42%, 25.6%, 20.1% and 28.9%.

Four small golden week sales with summer grain harvested, holiday spending to expand into the consumer an opportunity to benefit. This year's "May 1" golden week for the first time be split into the vicinity of cemeteries, on May 1, three long Dragon Boat Festival, all over the department in charge of business firmly grasp the holiday vacation time to adjust and guide the province to change the public business marketing tactics, promotion priority To highlight three characteristics of the folk culture of the long holiday, the theme of promoting a more clear, overall sales to increase significantly. April, May SPONSOR focus on the monitoring of enterprises in wholesale and retail sales were 1.65 billion and 18.7 billion yuan, respectively, year-on-year growth of 20.2 percent and 27.4 percent. Ching Ming, 51, Dragon Boat Festival three long years of total sales over the "May 1" Golden Week sales last year, "May 1" Golden Week sales rose more than 30%.

Fifth, department stores, sales growth Zhuanye Dian, pulling effect on consumption has been further enhanced. In the first half, SPONSOR focus on monitoring the 70 large and medium-sized commercial enterprises retail sales 12,330,000,000 yuan, up 23.3 percent, higher than the increase in total retail sales of 2.6 percentage points. The province's top 10 large-scale commercial retail sales enterprises 6,590,000,000 yuan, up 25.7 percent, accounting for the province to monitor the focus of the total retail sales of 53.8 percent. In particular, department stores, household electrical appliances Zhuanye Dian sales growth to accelerate significantly, Jiamusi Hua Lian Group, the largest group of new hundred Harbin, Mudanjiang new group Mart shopping plaza, Suning Appliance Co., Ltd. Harbin, Daqing Oilfield Kunlun Limited sales of home appliances such as large-scale commercial retail sales growth rate of more than 30% market share continued to increase and promote the province's rapid development of the consumer goods market.