I district 2 thousand and eight foreign-invested enterprises on-line annual joint annual inspection is completed

According to the "Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Finance, Taxation, Business Administration, Bureau of Statistics, foreign exchange bureau on the 2008 foreign-invested enterprises to inform the work of the joint annual inspection" (business-funded [2007] No. 108) and the relevant requirements of the combined The actual situation in our region, on March 1, 2008 -8 30, autonomous regions and the Office of Business, Finance, Revenue, Trade and Industry Bureau, the Bureau of Statistics, Bureau of Foreign Exchange in the possession of foreign-invested enterprises had a combined on-line inspection.
This year is the implementation of the region of foreign-invested enterprises on-line joint inspection of the work of the second year, in order to make full preparations for the annual inspection, convened by the Office of Business Finance, Revenue District, the District Trade and Industry Bureau, the Di
strict Bureau of Statistics, the Exchange District Council in a timely manner Convened a meeting of the preparatory work to determine the on-line this year, a joint inspection of the major issues. In the active support of all parties concerned, I am on-line area in 2008 the successful completion of the work of the joint annual inspection.
2 thousand and eight years of the Tibet Autonomous Region should be seized 99 foreign-invested enterprises, the Senate seized 88 foreign-invested enterprises, participation rate was 88.89% seized, including 52 joint ventures, cooperative enterprises 4, 32 wholly owned enterprises. 86, through inspection, the rate of 97.73% through. Did not pass the 2 (did not provide annual audit reports).
Participation in the seizure of foreign-invested enterprises, the total number of practitioners 3512, of which the number of Chinese officials 3330, the number of foreign nationals 182.