Heilongjiang Province, the first two months of total retail sales of consumer goods 45.9 billion

1-2 months, the consumer goods market in our province continue to maintain the momentum of steady growth. Cumulative achievement of the province's total retail sales of consumer goods 45.9 billion, representing year-on-year growth of 18.3%.

It is learned that by New Year's Day, Spring Festival, the two major festivals to stimulate consumption, especially with the minimum living standard subsidies increase the basic pension of enterprise retirees standards and policies, such as food subsidies gradually put in place after the steady growth of income of urban and rural
residents , urban and rural markets showed a rapid development momentum.

As a result of 1-2 is the Spring Festival shopping month period, our province all major retail shopping malls, professional and comfortable environment for market consumption, commodity supply abundant, colorful promotional activities, urban and rural markets are very active, major shopping malls selling showed scenes. 1-2 months, above the province's wholesale and retail trade enterprises to achieve retail sales of 9.34 billion yuan, an 22.8 percent increase over the same period the previous year.