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Spain toy exports in 2004 dropped 13%

Spain toy exports in 2004 dropped 13%

"Spain Daily" reported that sales of toys Spain in 2004 in the amount of 985,000,000 euros, representing 1.89 percent reduction in 2003.
Spain reports quoted Toys Manufacturers Association (AEFJ) Statistics said that due to depreciation of the dollar, as well as major European countries on the reduction of Spain's imports of toys, resulting in Spain in 2004 toy exports in 2003 decreased by 13% the amount of exports is only 373,000,000 euros, of which Exports to the United States dropped the most, up 71.7 percent. In addition, even though the territory of Spain in 2004 toy sales in 2003 increased by 4.37 percent, but it does not contribute to the local toy manufacturers because of the toy imports increased by 4.9 percent, while imports amounted to 787,000,000 eu
ros; Spain toy industry That the increase in imports was mainly due to source products from Asia a strong competitive edge (70% of the total imports), and the Chinese mainland that is 60%.
Said the toy industry, exchange rate fluctuations make Spain a large seller of imported directly caused toy imports flooding the market. Spain president of the Toy Manufacturers Association, said most of the imports of such products do not meet EU safety standards, what is more, resulting in adverse competitive product piracy; Nonetheless, he said, China and other countries in the market for toys in Spain To expand production and export markets are still profitable.
(China Light Industry Import and Export Chamber of Commerce crafts toy Branch)