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China (Dongguan) Shoes, shoes machine exhibition held in Dongguan

China (Dongguan) Shoes, shoes machine exhibition held in Dongguan

In April 2005 by 21-24 Dusseldorf (China) Co., Ltd. to host the 2005 China (Dongguan) Shoes, shoes machine exhibition held in Dongguan. Dusseldorf Exhibition bodies covered 102 countries and regions worldwide service network, focused on footwear imported from China's major countries, attracting a large number of businessmen and exhibitors. Exhibition area of 20,000 square meters, about 350 domestic and foreign enterprises.
China Light Industry Import and Export Chamber of Commerce in support of handicraft units participating groups. The participating enterprises that show good results, visiting customers, with a high degree of specialization.
During the exhibition, the Chamber of Commerce Branch of the footwear industry has been invited to participate in exchange activities and in 2005 the EU footwear market, seminars, and the EU footwear industry on the 2005 changes in the market, and other aspects of a wide range of the exchange. In addition, the organizing committee to participate in the special Chamber of Commerce business group held a fashion show to promote the participating enterprises and improve the corporate image and reputation.