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Light Industry Chamber of Commerce hosted the EU footwear market seminar

Light Industry Chamber of Commerce hosted the EU footwear market seminar

To do a good job in the new situation of the EU footwear exports, China Light Industry Import and Export Chamber of Crafts in the afternoon of April 26, in the Guangzhou Trade Fair Complex Museum held a seminar on the EU footwear market, more than 30 corporate participants.
At the meeting, the Ministry of Foreign Trade Secretary for the leadership of an analysis of the status quo of China's footwear exports, pointing out that in order to reduce China's trade friction with the EU, China to enhance the overall image of the shoes, China's exports of footwear products from the quantitative growth to quality growth, Efforts to create its own brands to raise value-added products. It also introduced the Ministry of Commerce to promote a brand of business-related policies and regulations. And hope that government departments, trade associations and enterprises of the three-in-one work together to gradually change the way of exports.
Light Industry Chamber of Commerce Luan Chunsheng, vice president of the Brussels introduced the world to attend the General Assembly of the footwear industry, analysis of China's shoe production and export of pressure and challenges about the footwear branch of the EU footwear market analysis, and information The collection, preparation of publications and so on.
"Chinese shoes inquiry," the participants to introduce the development of the footwear industry in Guangdong Province and Guangdong Province on how to deal with the European Union "pre-control" measures.