Southern Xinjiang Railway project wind wind contingency wall can be more than 12 anti-wind

Southern Xinjiang Railway珍珠泉to Hongshan canal wall wind wind contingency construction projects October 18 all completed this point, the Southern Xinjiang Railway Fangfeng emergency works to form an overall wind capacity across the board.
24, 15 from China Railway Construction Bureau of Xinjiang Command Group learned that the Southern Xinjiang Railway珍珠泉to emergency works Hongshan canal wind wall 3 meters away from the center line of the railway, a total length of 8230 meters, 3.5 meters high. Rail Interchange which wind wall 40 meters, which is China's first wind-bridge wall, pull-type wind wall of 1260 meters, earth-type wind wall 3381 meters, 900 meters temporary wind wall.
ording to China Railway 15 Bureau of Xinjiang headquarters project manager Wang Bo, the wind of the project in the capacity of the bridge design, construction, are the first. Average wind resistance capacity of all 12 and above.
Bo said that the Southern Xinjiang Railway was windy all the year round, 5-8 wind weather every year in more than 100 days or more, the wind will be more than 12 trains outage. Southern Xinjiang Railway珍珠泉to Hongshan canal wall wind contingency engineering construction projects after the completion of the formation of the overall wind capacity. 12 windy weather, the train speed to 80 kilometers long, will be able to effectively alleviate the impact of wind on the train.