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Do a good job on the 2008 annual international business professionals, professional qualification examination Examination Notice

Do a good job on the 2008 annual international business professionals, professional qualification examination Examination Notice

Research Center, who letter [2008] 30
Do a good job on the 2008 annual international business professionals, professional qualification examination Examination Notice
Provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, and some of the sub-provincial city personnel department (bureau) personnel Examination Center (hospital), Foreign Economic and Trade Committee (Office, Bureau), the business department (bureau) Department of Education personnel:
According to the General Office of the Ministry of Personnel, "issued on the (2008 annual professional and technical personnel work plan for the qualifying examination> notice" (Office of fat people know 07 〔〕 148), do a good job for the 2008 annual International Business Professional Services Professional Qualification Examination test work , The matter will now be notified are as follows:
First, press the "2008 Annual International Business Professional vocational qualification examination work plan" (Annex 1) the request seriously do a good job in all aspects of the work to ensure the smooth progress of the work of the examination.
Second, the various parts of the examination of the personnel department and foreign trade and economic (business) authorities to strengthen cooperation and rational division of labor, in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the tests do a good job application and eligibility review. In the registration work should pay attention to the following questions:
(A) to participate in the international business division of the licensing examination, foreign businesses should be subject to participate in the national title in the foreign language level test B-level examinations in the application must be provided in the validity of the title of the National Foreign Language exam grade B or above grade certificate 60 or more points (including 60 hours) notice of the results.
(B) of the General Office of the Ministry of Personnel in accordance with the original "on the part of the qualifying examination for professional and technical personnel and the examination of issues related to the work of notice" (Office of fat people 〔〕 45, 2004), Wai Xiaoyuan participate in the qualification test, "in the application , Has not been on the qualifications of graduates, who may be able to prove that the test could be the year upon graduation (for example, student ID, etc.) and issued by the school's graduate students shows that the region corresponding to the professional examinations test application management agency . "
Third, the international business division and the licensing examination Wai Xiaoyuan qualification examination of the written examination papers set to: International Business Theory and Practice (practice), the international business expertise (practice), a comprehensive foreign trade business (business) three papers by the objective And the question of subjective questions, answer objective questions in part
of the answer cards, scoring from the work of the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in charge of the personnel test centers. Subjective part of the question papers in the answer, by scoring a unified national organization, the specific matters further notice.
Written language foreign trade and economic cooperation (practitioners Britain, Russia, Japan, France) papers and set up scoring the same way.
The candidates should bring a black ink pen or pen (used to answer questions subjective), 2P pencils, rubber, shall not be altered with the use of (liquid); requested to prepare candidates for the various parts of Caogao Zhi, to recover after the test.
Fourth, Wai Xiaoyuan qualification examination, "foreign trade and economic cooperation Foreign Language," part of the oral examination of the National Unity proposition from the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) organization. In principle, each of the sites should be set up oral exam room, examination room set up in accordance with the number of candidates and the number of tests to determine the total time. Oral examination should be completed in one day, each of the candidates oral examination time was 10 minutes. Examination of the specific methods of operation by "foreign trade and economic cooperation spoken foreign language examination procedures and the basic requirements" of the regulations (Annex 3).
Speaking a foreign language papers, in principle, a staff candidate, throughout the book in a foreign language papers, the number of foreign language papers should be written and spoken the same number of papers.
Fifth, the management of the examination of "the examination of the personnel management letter Xin Commission be" PTM IS) ", the examination of information relating to the same code.
Sixth, examination fees paid in accordance with the standards, "the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance approved by the Ministry of Personnel on the re-examination of the personnel test centers and charges related to the issue of notice" (made to the price [2004] No. 1108) of the regulations. All over the fees
By the relevant provisions of the standards to the location of the price, financial departments.
VII outlines the examination and examination of books and subscriptions to be issued by the competent authorities in charge of business (see Annex reference books say. Test training by the Ministry of Commerce Training Center and around the Foreign Economic and Trade Committee (Office, Bureau), the Office of Business (Bureau ) Or by the designated unit. Training should voluntarily adhere to the candidates, candidates for the principle of accountability.
Eight, during the examination must be on duty personnel, matters relating to examination and examination of personnel a Treasury Research Center, the contents of the relevant papers of the problems with the Ministry of Commerce Training Center (010-69759077 69759898-3136).