Chlorogenic homemade sugar beet machine in addition to soil conservation fees 2,850,000

October is the harvest season of sugar beet this year, Iraqi special forces Chlorogenic Sugar Co., Ltd. to invest three million yuan responsibility, put into use a new type of sugar beet in addition to soil machine, to solve the problems the company up to 21 years in addition to soil problems beet.
Chlorogenic beet sugar company in addition to soil as an enterprise needs to be addressed immediately, one of energy-saving emission reducti
on projects, their design, production, installation of new machines in addition to soil. In addition to soil such a machine in addition to soil effective and efficient. It is estimated that the equipment put into use, production processes to reduce the annual cost of 2.85 million yuan in addition to soil, while reducing the labor intensity of workers, saving the water, reducing the damage of equipment, speed up the progress of the production.