2007 January to September Corps circulation business analysis and economic operation in the fourth quarter focus

First, run the business objectives
Corps in 2007 the overall business objectives are: the total import and export 3.9 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 14.1 percent, of which: export three billion U.S. dollars and imports 900 million U.S. dollars; the total retail sales of social consumer goods 12.2 billion, an increase of 10.9 percent; 70 million U.S. dollars to attract foreign investment , an increase of 14.75 percent; completed offshore project contracting turnover of 50 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 25 percent, overseas investment 80 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 372.76 percent.
Second, 1-September the operation of commercial work
Corps in 2007 commercial work closely around the Corps, the party committee's central task and speed up the growth pattern, efforts to accelerate the pace of opening to the outside world Corps. Business January to September Corps work has shown good development trend, domestic trade, foreign trade, foreign investment, foreign economic work to achieve new breakthroughs.
(A), the Corps circulation marketing business to continue to maintain good momentum
Achieve a cumulative January-September sales total 30.312 billion yuan, up 18.9 percent, higher than the same period last year by 11.1 percentage points; the accumulated total retail sales of social consumer goods to achieve 8.41 billion yuan, an increase of 13.2%.
1. Above the wholesale trade sales dominated by cotton, it is the entire society to promote the total sales growth. January-September above the wholesale and retail enterprises (units) to achieve a cumulative total sales of 22.894 billion yuan of goods, accounting for the Corps of goods 75.5 percent of total sales, up 20.5 percent; ceiling below and the self-employed to achieve a cumulative total sales of 7.418 billion yuan of goods, accounting for BINGTUAN 24.5 percent of total sales, an increase of 14%. Of which: cotton sales momentum strong, the whole society has become driven the rapid growth of the total sales of the main force. As of 9 at the end, above the wholesale enterprises amounted to 14.824 billion yuan sales of cotton, accounting for total sales of social commodities 48.9 percent, pulling the total amount of commodity sales Corps an increase of 14.1 percentage points, on the Corps contribution to the total sales rate of 75 percent.
2. Retail sales of consumer goods markets remain stable and become a living running posture. This year, the overall economy in the Corps, the healthy and rapid development and urban and rural incomes, such as a positive factor for rapid increase in the pulling, the greater the purchasing power of urban and rural residents upgrading the consumption structure and gradually upgrade, effectively led the retail sales of consumer goods market continued prosperity.
(B) the rapid growth of foreign trade
According to customs statistics, January to September, the Corps to achieve the total value of imports and exports 3.464 billion U.S. dollars, up 40.75 percent, the Corps completed the goal in regulation 3.9 billion U.S. dollars of 88.8 percent, accounting for the total value of Xinjiang's imports and exports 38.5 percent. Among them, exports of 3.191 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 55% of Xinjiang's foreign trade export value accounted for 43.4%; the first half of the Corps produced steady growth in exports, an increase of more than 30%. Imported 273 million U.S. dollars, up 32.2 percent decline.
(C) investment to develop good posture. January to September, the new approved 14 foreign investment projects, contract amount of 128,050,300 U.S. dollars of foreign capital actually used foreign investment 56,417,000 U.S. dollars, up 17.95 percent. One newly approved 11 foreign-invested enterprises, of which: 9 joint ventures, cooperative enterprises 1, a wholly-owned enterprises. Newly approved foreign-invested enterprises, there are six regions in the Corps, the Hong Kong investment, accounting for the number of newly approved enterprises 54.5 percent. Newly approved foreign government loan projects 3, contracted foreign investment 63,820,000 U.S. dollars of foreign capital actually used 34.06 million U.S. dollars.
(D) the work of foreign economy and made new progress.
January to September, foreign project contracting, labor service cooperation with a turnover of 29.01 million U.S. dollars to complete the 58 percent year plan, an increase of 18%; expatriate laborers 2213 passengers, completed the 110 percent year plan, an increase of 159.4%; the end of 1865 people outside. Of which: foreign contracted projects to achieve turnover of 22.67 million U.S. dollars, 1982 million expatriate workers, at the end of 1539 were excluded. Labor service cooperation to achieve the turnover of 1,340,000 U.S. dollars, sending laborers 231 passengers, at the end of the number of 326 people outside.
The newly signed contracted projects 2 contract, the contract amount of 25,560,000 U.S. dollars. The newly signed labor cooperation contracts 1, the contract amount of 2,960,000 U.S. dollars.
(E) the operation of Foreign Trade and Finance
1. Profit growth and economic efficiency has increased.
January to September, Corps, foreign trade and economic enterprises realized a total profit of 96.25 million yuan a total of more than 66.09 million yuan a year earlier loss of 162.34 million yuan and reduced losses and increased profits. One of 15 profit-making enterprises, profit 177,570,000 yuan, 95.22 million yuan the same period last year increased 82.35 million yuan, an increase of 86 percent; 12 loss-making enterprises, loss of 81.32 million yuan, 161.31 million yuan the same period last year to reduce the 79.99 million yuan, 44 percent of loss-making enterprises.
Soldiers straight state-owned and state holding enterprises accumulate
d losses of 44.17 million yuan, representing a loss of 140.39 million yuan the same period last year to cut a loss of 96.22 million yuan; soldiers straight profitable private enterprises amounted to 116.18 million yuan, representing a profit of 16.54 million yuan the same period last year and increased profits by 99.64 million yuan; division Board corporate profits 24.24 million yuan the same period last year profit of 57.77 million yuan to reduce the 33.53 million yuan.
2. Sales increase in the cost of increased exports and lower the cost.
January to September, foreign trade and economic cooperation Corps of total industry sales of RMB 5.15 billion, 4.59 billion yuan the same period last year increased by 5.6 billion yuan, up 12.2 percent; three the total cost of 850 million yuan, 720 million yuan the same period last year increased by 1.3 billion, growth of 18 percent, the cost rate of 16.5 percent. Self-exports 238.15 million U.S. dollars, more than 184,630,000 U.S. dollars the same period last year increased 53.52 million U.S. dollars; the export cost per dollar 7.16 yuan.
Current sales of over a hundred million were: Xintian Group of 370 million yuan, China-based company 1.17 billion, 1.22 billion Nongken AG, the Group of 110 million yuan lai far, the Corps of Supply and Marketing 240 million yuan, 180 million yuan of agricultural Second Division, 5 280 million yuan of agricultural division, the company Yum 650 million yuan, 160 million yuan Siad company.
Third, in 2007 the primary objectives of business cases is expected to be completed
1. The total retail sales of consumer goods is expected to complete the 12.5 billion, an increase of 12%.
2. Import and export volume is expected to complete the 4.5 billion U.S. dollars, up 28.4 percent; of which, export 3.9 billion U.S. dollars, up 31.7 percent; imports of 600 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 9.5%.
Fourth, in the fourth quarter 2007 business focus
(A) to seriously study the party's 17 major report on the party's 17 largest business implement the spirit of work, combined with the party's 17 Japanese, "the State Council on further promoting economic and social development in Xinjiang, a number of opinions", adjust and improve the Corps Business System "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", so that the Corps Business "Eleventh Five-Year" system planning more scientific nature, the realization of the cause of sustainable development BINGTUAN business.
(B) To implement the "State Council on further promoting economic and social development in Xinjiang, a number of opinions" and raise the level of opening up the west to accelerate the Corps to build all-round, multi-level and wide-ranging new pattern of opening to the outside world, and promote economic and social good again Corps faster development, in accordance with the arrangements for the leadership of the Corps to complete "on the Corps to further expand opening to the outside world views" in the drafting and finalizing the mission.
(C) to guide the division of the Corps in 2007, "the village of a thousand million rural market project" 1000 farm shop building indicators inspection. On the division reported in 2007, "the village of a thousand million rural market project" to apply for funds to conduct a serious review, the Commerce Department reported on time to the Corps in 2007, "the village of a thousand million rural market project" acceptance of summing up and liquidation of project funds. Collection, collation, reporting corps market system construction projects, the implementation of relevant national policies and needs of the CDB's support for the focus of project funding.
(D) do a good job in the circulation area of food safety and animal and poultry slaughtering special rectification work. Depth line, led spot guidance, on-site supervision and the inspection found problems, the views put forward rectification. Severely crack down on violations of laws and regulations. Corps to comprehensively promote the flow of work in the field of food security, strengthening Farms slaughter and meat market of law enforcement and inspection. To prevent the flow of low-quality pork market.
(E) seriously implement the state encourages the development of foreign economic and trade policies and measures, give full play to the policy guidance and funding boost. Focus on the implementation of "five works", namely "construction of the export base, export brand construction projects, international market development projects, China and Kazakhstan Horgos International Border Cooperation Center construction project, talent strong business works," lay a solid foundation for the development of foreign trade Corps base, good service for enterprise development; outstanding grasp of key enterprises, encourage and support enterprises in their efforts to expand resources and raw materials imports of commodities.
(F) actively guide the "going out", project contracting, labor export and other foreign work. Focus on doing the foreign project tracking service work; labor Corps training base to help expand the service functions; further explain and publicize related to foreign economic and technological cooperation to encourage the policy to guide enterprises with a good policy for development; to ensure the completion of the annual turnover of foreign contracted projects and labor service outside the faction indicators.
(Vii) continue to organize trade fairs in China to participate in Sharjah, the European Food Expo, the East Fair, Canton Fair and other important international economic and trade activities, and vigorously explore the international market, expand the exports, effectively change the way foreign trade development.