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Services to increase efforts to promote international tourism in Hainan Island construction

Services to increase efforts to promote international tourism in Hainan Island construction

May 23, 2008 in the afternoon, Hainan Province, foreign investment in real estate business forum held in Hainan SPONSOR, a total of Begonia from Sanya Bay, Clear Water Bay Lingshui, perfume Bay, Wanning Peninsula China, Shi Mei Wan and other key tourist areas More than twenty foreign real estate companies took part in this meeting. The main purpose of this meeting is to strengthen cooperation with foreign real estate enterprises of communication for enterprises with foreign investment Interpretation of real estate policies, coordinate and solve problems in the process of operating difficulties. Commerce Department Pei Zhen said at the meeting that at present in the building of Hainan Island in the early international tourism, foreign investment enterprises to invest in real estate in our province major tourist hotels in the region, hotels, tourist resorts, and other facilities are faced with an unprecedented opportunity, certainly To seize the opportunity to speed up development, SPONSOR will make every effort to provide the best service.
In the past two years foreign investment in the country on the implementation of macro-control real estate industry, from May 2007 onwards, the establishment of new foreign investment in real estate projects, mergers and acquisitions and capital are to be adopted by the Ministry of Commerce for the record to enter the foreign exchange funds, and real estate major tourist province In the past two years to develop the project have been launched into the foreign capital has been greatly affected. In the second half of last year, the Bay Begonia four successful land of Hong Kong enterprises to enter the much-needed funds to pay the land, Department of Commerce sent in a timely manner with the Ministry of Commerce in Beijing co-ordination and communication, so that the source of giant, Long Island, Goldman Sachs, the four imperial garden business Successfully passed the record, the province early this year and 8 tourism real estate projects through the Ministry of Commerce for the record, this SPONSOR attaches great importance to and actively report to the provincial government, and recommended to the provincial government on behalf of the Ministry of Commerce sent a letter to explain the situation , To support the request and at the same time were related to staff offices in Beijing to track the
entire process forward. Ministry of Commerce of the province tourism real estate projects that focus on understanding and support of CITIC Pacific in March, the New World, and other real estate enterprises through 8 for the record, with a total investment of more than 2,000,000,000 yuan to ensure a smooth entry into the development of the capital.
March 5, 2008, the General Office of the State Council agreed that the building of international tourism in Hainan Island, for the development of Hainan's tourism industry as a leader in the modern service industry, and even the whole of Hainan's economic and social development is of great significance. In order to speed up the building of international tourism island of Hainan 5 years the introduction of 20 well-known international hotel management group, so that world-class five-star resort hotel from the existing 14 to reach 60 above, focus on China to speed up the peninsula, Begonia Bay, Perfume Bay , Clear Water Bay, Shi Mei Wan, Tong Guling, beautiful sand, the new port Island, Ma Wan, and so delicate a major tourism node in the building. These major tourism node in foreign investment in tourism real estate project has entered a stage of comprehensive development, the demand for foreign exchange funds, through the Ministry of Commerce for the record this year, the region's new capital and total investment is estimated that the project will be more than 2,700,000,000 U.S. dollars. The state's foreign-invested real estate industry regulation and control is still tight, the country through the current record low rate, in order to ensure that our province a major tourism node in the tourism real estate projects are successful in the record, SPONSOR, through interpretation of the policy, the green channel, on-site office, Hand tracking methods such as increased foreign investment in real estate services companies, and at the same time an active role in coordinating the Ministry of Commerce, for the record companies for priority support. SPONSOR business at all in promoting the smooth corporate financing to the services provided by his gratitude and said it would strengthen communication with relevant government departments to speed up investment in tourism facilities in Hainan, for the realization of international tourism in Hainan Island and the Plan of Action Efforts.