With regard to the earthquake-stricken area contribution, money and materials for emergency notification

May 12, 2008, four Chuan Wenchuan earthquake shocked the whole country, the 7.8 earthquake in the disaster areas to the fellow has caused tremendous pain and anguish, the sudden disaster, shaking everyone's mind. In order to help our compatriots overcome the disaster and in accordance with the provincial government and the deployment of the unified leadership of the Office of the spirit of the instruction, called the Office of Emergency workers and cadres, the various chambers of commerce, associations, in the provinces to do Qiong, domestic and foreign trade, foreign-funded enterprises and individuals to Extend a warm helping hand to victims and timely contributions, money and materials to help people in disaster areas over the years. All units must
swing into action, leading cadres should take the lead in contributions to do a good job, organization and coordination of money and materials for the completion of the May 20.
Money and materials unit, such as low, please send the Office of the Office of the Xiang Wang Jie, a large volume of requests submitted to the Office of the Office of the confirmation, and then wait for the notification sent to the designated locations.
Hainan SPONSOR account to accept donations as follows:
Open an account: Hainan SPONSOR organ trade union committee
Bank: Bank of China Sea Branch Office
Account number: 781505577208091001
Contact: Liang (13707586383), Xiang Wang Jie (13976267629)
Notice is hereby

Second OO on May 14 2008