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The host province Rubber Association of Southeast Asian Nations technical assistance training classes recently

The host province Rubber Association of Southeast Asian Nations technical assistance training classes recently

I declare by the Office of the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural implementation of the "Association of Southeast Asian Nations natural rubber production and processing technology training" project through the Ministry of Commerce approval to be included in China's 2008 foreign aid human resources training programs to implement it. May 15, the project in the province Danzhou Chinese Academy of Tropical Agriculture, held the opening ceremony. A total of five ASEAN countries from 13 students participated in the study of the project, the five countries, including Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam and Laos, most of these students come from the country's rubber and related ministries and research institutions. I Office of Foreign Economic and Technical Cooperation Department of comrades attended the opening ceremony.

Chinese Academy of Tropical Agriculture (referred to as agro-hot house) Vice-President Professor Chen Qiubo In his opening speech to the students that welcomed and introduced the hot house of agricultural foreign aid to carry out the training of human resources profile. Chen Yuanzhang said that the training course organized by foreign aid will not only help ASEAN countries understand China's rubber technology, is also a mutual learning and exchange opportunities, he encouraged everyone to participate actively in class, the common aspects of the natural rubber to increase the level of scientific research, the successful completion of The training mission. From the Ministry of Forestry of Laos on behalf of the students in his speech also said that ASEAN countries are very grateful to the Chinese government's assistance to provide them with an opportunity to learn from China, rubber research in the country is still relatively weak, rubber production and processing of local farmers Income, plays a key role in poverty reduction, so this training is of great significance.

After the ceremony, participants visited the exhibition hall and the hospital Botanical Garden. Of the month-long training course will end on June 12. (Foreign Economic and Technical Cooperation Department, Yu-Wen Chen)