Hainan donated to the earthquake-stricken area in Sichuan vegetables shipped

May 12 four川汶川a strong earthquake, disaster touches the hearts of people across the country, to express the people of Hainan people in the disaster areas of a truth, to play a marketing advantage of planting vegetables in our province, the province's bureau organizations, commercial enterprises, focusing on " Two-hundred market works "pilot enterprises in Sichuan disaster areas to transport a group of vegetables to donate to support disaster relief. The first batch of vegetables to donate 250 tons (a total of 10 vehicles, 25 tons per vehicle, more than 50 million kg, valued at more than 50 million yuan). Resistant varieties for storage, easy to transport wax gourd, pumpkin, hot pepper. May 21 9:00 am Xiuying from Haikou to Hong Kong starting to focus, is expected to arrive in Chengdu on the 23rd.