The creation of hundreds of billions of Wuhan City is far plate 6 provincial-level development zone in 2011 industrial output value of hundreds of billions of super -

Yesterday (January 2), the executive meeting of the municipal government approved in principle the creation of urban areas far from the provincial economic development zone plate hundreds of billions of billions of park action plan by 2011, far from urban development zone industrial output value of 6 billion super each Chao Baiyi zone industrial output value.

Broken down into specific goals: Xinzhou Yangluo Economic Development Zone, East Lake Wujiashan Taiwan-based Industrial Park were 400 billion yuan, Caidian Economic Development Zone, Jiangxia Economic Development Zone and the Pan Huangpi City Economic Development Zone reached 20,000,000,000 yuan , Hannan Economic Development Zone reached 10,000,000,000 yuan.

Action Program, said in 2008 -2011, new development zones municipal income tax return for the construction of development zones, the district focused on the use of additional revenue in the development zone. Starting this year, the city finance the establishment of development zones far from urban development 30,000,000 yuan of special funds, focusing on infrastructure development for the discount loans, such as the construction of the park environment.

It is reported that, far from major urban development in coastal areas and take me downtown urba
n industrial transfer, an extension of 15 key industrial chain, focused on the development of advanced manufacturing, industry group formed Features.

Far from the main urban development zone for the development of small and medium enterprises and private economy. Park, all leading industries: Xinzhou Yangluo Development Zone priority to the development of deep processing of steel, textiles and apparel, energy, building materials; Wujiashan East Lake Industrial Park, Taiwan focused on the development of food and tobacco, electrical and mechanical; Caidian development priority to the development of motor vehicles and parts Consumer electronics; Jiangxia development priority to the development of optical information on mechanical and electrical, machinery and equipment manufacturing, biomedicine; Huangpi Panlongcheng development priority to the development of textile and clothing, food, as well as economic overhead; Hannan development priority to the development of motor vehicles and parts , Machinery and equipment manufacturing, packaging and printing.

Last July, the city proposed to build the Center City Industrial Park, the city and provincial-level economic development zone far from urban areas, "the two plates of billions of billions Park" Development Goals.