Wuhan, the Organization of the Council of Ministers to put forward reform and innovation to promote the spirit of the organization

Yesterday (January 3), the Municipal Party Committee Organization Department of the Council of Ministers held in the city organization, the National Communication Ministers of the Organization of carrying out special studies classes across the province and the spirit of the Organization of the Council of Ministers to study the deployment of the organization in 2008.

Meeting, in accordance with the requirements of 17 large, "democratic, open, competitive, merit-based" for the direction and increase the cadre and personnel system reform. Regulate the nomination and appointment of cadres through the system and improve the cadre appraisal system and strengthen democracy in the Democratic recommended by scientific Testing and authenticity, sound and incompetent leading cadres and incapable that way, and other measures to establish the correct orientation emplo
yment, selection and appointment of people to improve credibility .

The Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, stressed the Ministers of the Organization of Lu Guoxiang, the city's organizational departments to deeply understand and grasp the big 17 on the organization of the ideas put forward by the new requirements of the initiative on the organization of the "society", innovation Wuhan, Wuhan construction of a harmonious situation China to plan, efforts to promote the organization of ideas concept, system and mechanism innovation in the ways and means to speed up the construction of high-quality cadres and personnel in order to "credible, reliable and respectable, amiable," the image to win the people's satisfaction with the efforts of Create a new party in the city's construction and organization of the new situation.