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Hubei Province into 300,000,000 yuan to help people in the New Year

Hubei Province into 300,000,000 yuan to help people in the New Year

Civil Affairs Department briefing yesterday, the provincial government will spend more than 300,000,000 yuan, to ensure that the province's low object, object Five, people in disaster areas, the poor entitled groups, such as AIDS orphans in five categories of poor groups, have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.
Specific measures include: 119,400,000 yuan cost, low targets in the city of 300,000 families living in particular, the issuance of the "5 5" New Year materials, low target for all cities in 20 yuan per person per day for issuing condolences to the grant; for 200,000 rural families low "3 5" New Year's goods and materials (see December 2007 to 30 version of the repo

58,650,000 yuan into disaster relief funds for victims in the province 2,780,000 to provide relief food and clothing relief, issued on January 15 in place.

1.2916 billion arrange special funds to help the poor entitled groups to address life, health, housing, and other difficulties. Special funds allocated 760,000 yuan per person per month subsidy of 200 yuan standards for the province's AIDS orphaned children living relief.

It also asked the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the civil affairs departments at all levels in all rural areas before the Spring Festival Five support staff sympathy, condolences to the capital from all over the arrangements on their own.