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The first foreign banks settled in valley

The first foreign banks settled in valley

December 27, 2007, located in Wuhan Optical Valley Bank, set up specifically for providing one-stop international banking services branch. This is also the first to settle down in the valley of foreign banks.
HSBC branches centers located in the valley Ramada Hotel, the second floor of the valley, part of the Wuhan branch.

"HSBC is very optimistic about the development potential of the East Lake development zone." Wuhan branch of HSBC bank governor said Han Yi, the East Lake development zone has formed a photoelectron information industry-led, mech
anical and electrical integration, environmental protection industry, bio-engineering and new medicine, new materials And competing for new energy development, industry structure, has attracted a large number of foreign-funded enterprises set up in this, the international demand for banking services.

HSBC in Wuhan currently has three branches: the New World Trade Building, located at the Wuhan Branch of the HSBC offers a full range of public and personal financial services; Wuhan Branch of the New World Center, focused on the provision of personal financial services.