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From construction to the management of the slower pace of Wuhan lighting

From construction to the management of the slower pace of Wuhan lighting

Yesterday (January 2), Wuhan City lighting person in charge of works said that this year the focus will be building lighting engineering to management, and strict examination and approval of new lighting projects, to reduce the number of light construction. This means that in recent years, surging Wuhan thus slowing down the pace of urban lighting.

Statistics show that from 2005 to 2007, the city spent a total of 360 million yuan, has completed 752 buildings, such as lighting and environmental construction, the initial formation of "a core of landscape areas, five important node, two Landscape Center aperture and seven commercial zone "the size of lighting and environmental construction. With the illumination of the completion of the overall framework, Wuhan light entering the building from the "quantity" to "quality-oriented" transfer stage. City lighting project said that this year, building lighting will be incorporated into the overall urban planning, to avoid blind construction and urban development led to disharmony.

To energy saving and environmental protection as the main theme, this year, another characteristic of lighting projects. Wuchang District Urban Management Bureau is responsible for international financial and trade on building lighting calculations account: If
the original lighting facilities 110kw, open four hours a day, electricity consumption of 440 degrees, 100 days a year to be 44,000 yuan. Under the same conditions, energy saving and environmental protection lighting facilities only power 18.5kw, only 7300 yuan a year.

According to the briefing, although lamp energy saving and environmental protection than ordinary lamp into a one-time high, but life is 2 times of conventional light sources, from the long-term interests, energy-saving lamps more environment-friendly advantages. It is learned that this year will increase Wuhan approval lighting, and new lighting project will achieve 100 percent energy saving and environmental protection lighting.

In recent years, increased lighting construction in Wuhan, related to the management has not kept pace. This year the city will be in Gangnam, Jiangbei separate intelligence center is responsible for lighting the city construction and management; At the same time, is expected to introduce management practices related to the new lighting project strict management, the implementation of unified control, unified design and acceptance. Through management, so that Jiangcheng landscape lighting quantity to quality, from scattered to intensive, from the "normal expansion" to "high-tech grafting" change.