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Wuhan to build bio-bio-industry development

Wuhan to build bio-bio-industry development

The day before the closing of the province's high-tech industry work conference upload a message to our province in Wuhan Guan Shan Ge Ezhou to shop on both sides of the road, into a "bio-Valley", focusing on the development of agricultural biotechnology, bio-pharmaceutical and bio-manufacturing biological Industry, by 2015 the annual production value of 1,000 billion yuan, equivalent to the reconstruction of a valley.
The person said the Wuhan city circle is an experimental zone for a very large regional integration Industrial. Earlier this month, Guan Ge Ezhou a highway section opened to traffic from the valley to the store as long as 15 minutes Ge, shorten the journey by half, the first to achieve the "integration of transport."

Liu Zhaolin, deputy director of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission said that "biological Valley," will rely on the national bio-industry base in Wuhan to build. Spring Festival, the province will be named a number of key enterprises and the base of the park to give major support.

At pr
esent, the provincial government has "special province of biomedicine," changed its name to "the special province of bio-industry," Beginning this year, the funds from the size of 30,000,000 yuan to 50,000,000 yuan.

It is learned that the biological Valley is located in the core area of the Wuhan East Lake High-tech Zone on the south side of the East Central East Lake area has been initially formed biopharmaceutical Nancy Kwan Park, Lake Park, biological agriculture, modern medicine Jiangxia Park and the GE Innovation Chemical Synthesis drug stores Park.

At present, the East Central District biotechnology companies have about 300 (of which 15 listed companies, had sales of more than 20 million enterprise), the only mid-2005 had reached more than 190 billion yuan output value, accounting for half of the province's share . Wuhan has a virus, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan, and other aquatic biotechnology research and development by more than 30 institutions and 13 key laboratories, gathered in the field of biotechnology, academicians, 11.