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Wuhan real estate last year, 600 million U.S. dollars of hot money

Wuhan real estate last year, 600 million U.S. dollars of hot money

A on the topic of foreign investment in real estate research operation, is to start the business sector. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Wuhan City Administration of Industry and learned that the State Administration for Industry and Commerce under the emergency notice, the national real estate has already begun "calculated" rate increase or decrease in foreign investment. Jiangcheng 600 million U.S. dollars last year, foreign investment in real estate, an increase of as much as 170 percent, far exceeding the national average.
Last year, 600 million U.S. dollars of new investments

In the days before Christmas Day, the Hong Kong Investment Co., Ltd.浩威enjoy a day to get a business license on the "green channel" service. The newly established "浩威home (Wuhan) Co., Ltd." is in Hanyang established a Hong Kong-owned real estate company, total investment and registered capital of more than 7 billion yuan.

This is only the December rush of foreign capital into the Chinese real estate in a major. Of the month, the Hong Kong-owned Hutchison Whampoa Properties (Wuhan Caidian) Co., Ltd. was founded, to start a total investment of 99.8 million U.S. dollars of real estate projects. Another wholly-owned Hong Kong - Wuhan Hanwei Albert Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. have also opened a total investment of 49 million U.S. dollars in new properties for sale.

According to statistics of the business sector, foreign investment in real estate last year,
an increase in Jiangcheng Obviously, there are more than 20 new companies, new investments totaling more than 600 million U.S. dollars, 176 percent increase over the same period last year.

May no longer the "outer limit" New Deal

China's property market in 2007 "outside limit" of the year to concentrate force. Following the 2006 "outside the limits" (No. 171) issued after the Department of Commerce, State Administration of Foreign Exchange and other departments in the last year released "on further strengthening and standardize the foreign direct investment in real estate for approving and monitoring the notice" series "outer limit" document.

From the National Bureau of Statistics released the latest data, in 2007 January-November, the National Real Estate Development Enterprises source of funds for 3.2043 trillion yuan, of which 53.9 billion yuan the use of foreign capital, the proportion is not large, but fast growth, year-on-year increase of 71.9%.

The industry believes that the research topic for this year to prepare for the further implementation of regulation, introduced this year, "outside limit" the possibility of the New Deal is also very strong. The relevant officials on the claim in conformity with WTO rules, a reasonable use of various means to restrict foreign investment regulation and control the real estate market, I believe the property market this year, will intensify the control of foreign capital.