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Wuhan speculate in gold on accounts soared into five

Wuhan speculate in gold on accounts soared into five

According to the Web and the latest offer, the price of gold yesterday reached 838.6 U.S. dollars / ounce, the domestic gold price of 210.03 yuan / kg. Multi-forecast 2008 gold will continue to be led, more than 900 U.S. dollars / oz or 1000 U.S. dollars / oz.
Turbulence in the stock market, funds in the doldrums, CPI at a high level, all the people in the plan: money into gold, is not able not to devalue?
China has millions of people, "Kim speculation"
In a small work of the joint-stock banks weeks in September 2007 with the opening of a paper gold account, buy a hand (100 grams) of gold sold by the end of October, apart from fees, is also profits by 8%, "than I The stock is much easier. "
It is understood that the 1-2 month in 2007, the international gold prices since the year low of 603.8 U.S. dollars / ounce start by the end of February Mogao 692.5 U.S. dollars / ounce, then launched a six-month-long period of consolidation. In September 2007, the U.S. Subordinated Debt diffuse the crisis, accelerated depreciation of the dollar and the rise in oil prices and other factors to stimulate, gold prices began to soar early in November reached 848 U.S. dollars / ounce high, after the adjustment has been high.
"What up well, investors will be more." Wuhan branch of China Merchants Bank Retail Business Unit is responsible for the gold business ZHANG Hui-bin, in recent months, the bank's agent, "Purcell high gold bars" has been hot. In general, customers need to book in advance 1-2 months before they could buy.
Wuhan Branch of the Industrial Bank from the beginning by the end of July 2007 paper gold business has been more than 2,000 people to open an account, the figure in the National Industrial Bank system at the forefront. The line of paper gold business person in charge Dr Chau said that a lot of customers to spend millions to invest in gold.
Province branch of the Department of Public Works of business data show that in recent months, the "paper gold" business accounts, the continuing rise in trading volume. November's accounts, trading volume, than in October rose more than 50%.
Before the end o
f the 2007 China gold and noble metal summit, the meeting host China Gold Association statistics show that the number of gold investment in China has more than 1,000,000.
To the high price, you can invest gold
"As early as a good hand." Trabecular as early as July 2007 on the set of "paper gold" account, with "re-look at, and so on" attitude, has not hesitated to buy a watch in the second half of the Checkpoint to jump up on gold, she can not cope regret, "in 2008 to buy some."
In November 2007 reached the high point after the recent gold price has been 800 U.S. dollars / ounce hovering around its highest level. At this point no longer involved in gold, but also earn money? "In the longer term, gold is still worth the investment." Dr Chau, with the dollar gold price or less, oil, the rate of inflation, war and other factors related to the depreciation of the dollar, oil prices, high inflation, fighting, which would give rise to gold Prices, "the dollar, oil prices will not ease the situation for the time being, gold should be part of the public asset allocation, accounting for about 10% of the working capital -30% better."
ZHANG Hui-bin and also said that the gold market as a whole is still in a state for less than the demand, prices, stock market, it would attract people to buy gold for preserving and increasing wealth.
Despite the long-term bullish, but the gold price will fluctuate. Dr Chau, general, the price of gold will be the highest point in the third quarter, the second highest points in the first quarter, while the second quarter and fourth quarter, gold prices will be relatively smooth.
CCB provincial branch of the International Center for the wealth management division XIONG Yi suggested that members of the public in the near future can be 185-190 yuan / kg gold price to enter the market. "Threshold of the need to speculate in gold." Dr Chau said that the impact on gold prices are very complicated, investors need to have some background knowledge, as well as certain financial threshold, "the general short-term investors to buy more than 20 hands, compared with substantial interests."