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The 2008 price levels may be lower than in 2007

The 2008 price levels may be lower than in 2007

A few days ago, chief economist of the National Bureau of Statistics in the analysis of economic trends, to an exclusive interview with the reporter, he said: in 2008 the price level will certainly be lower than in 2007. In response, many people do not believe that it is in the comfort people.

In that case, in the end of this year's price level will be lower than last year? As forecast, said it is hard to associate. However, some information that we can be optimistic expectations.

On the one hand, from a macro perspective, the central economic work conference has put forward a clear, in 2008 to implement prudent fiscal policy and tight monetary policy, and to prevent fast economic growth from overheating to prevent prices from rising structural evolution To clear the current macro-control inflation as a top priority. We believe that the established policy, the Government will be able to come up with effective measures to prevent rapid price increases and even suppress prices continue to rise.

Second, from a number of specific programs, last year began to implement some of the nurturing and protection of sources of supply and curb prices, the source of initiatives, on the one hand, this year will obviously play a role, on the other hand, will continue to intensify efforts to implement . For examp
le, in the development of the pig industry, the state has adopted a fan to sow subsidies to support the standardization of farm-scale construction of the 10 policy measures put in 15.2 billion of financial capital. Hubei on, COFCO will invest 9.7 billion in the province to build the country's most powerful industrial system of live pigs, pork supply which will tend to ease the tension of the situation. Moreover, the Ministry of Finance and State Administration of Taxation from the previous 20 months, has been canceled wheat, rice, corn, and other 84 kinds of cereal products and the export tax rebate to promote their food products to supply the domestic market more to curb domestic food Prices.

Three years, at all levels around the introduction of the ban on such an important festival period boosted the prices of commodities, as well as the suppression of public opinion on the price of publicity, but also a climate-driven and in turn will help curb price hikes and impulsive.

In short, with all kinds of macro-, meso-and micro-control measures and to promote, the price rise is expected to slow down and curb the trend. Of course, prices for this year's problems, still have to maintain sufficient vigilance, it is necessary to cope with rising prices of the various policies and measures to effectively implement.