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Wuhan City in 2007 revenue 63,400,000,000 yuan tax break 30,000,000,000 yuan

Wuhan City in 2007 revenue 63,400,000,000 yuan tax break 30,000,000,000 yuan

Yesterday (January 2), the City Department of Finance announced last year, the city's fiscal revenue 63,400,000,000 yuan, the additional revenue reached 13.2 billion over the previous year growth of 26.2 percent, 4 years in a row to maintain the growth rate of over 25%.

Investment, consumption, export, "Troika" to promote economic growth, provide the basis for financial income. In 2007 the completion of the city's tax revenue 51,300,000,000 yuan, 24.6 percent increase over the previous year, tax revenues accounted for 80.9 percent of the city revenue.

And (Reporter Liu Gong Wu Guangzhen Tiger correspondent Zhang Chunlong) Municipal Administration of Taxation said yesterday that last year the city tax reve
nue 35,572,000,000 yuan, 23.51 percent growth over the previous year, the first time 30,000,000,000 yuan, the national Under-15 provincial-level cities No. 6.

In 2005, city income tax break 20,000,000,000 yuan mark.

City-related head of the Inland Revenue Department yesterday revealed that last year, the completion of our city's personal income tax revenue 2,770,000,000 yuan, an increase of 44%.

2006, the completion of a city income 1,920,000,000 yuan. Equivalent to a monthly average of about 160,000,000 yuan to complete. In 2007, the city completed, the average monthly income of 230,000,000 yuan, an increase of 44%. At present, the city in the land tax, income second only to a sales tax, in second place.