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Hubei Province, the first families to low-fat red Chinese New Year

Hubei Province, the first families to low-fat red Chinese New Year

Yesterday, from the provincial Civil Affairs Department reported good news, before the Spring Festival, the province's 1.42 million households in the urban low will be 20 yuan per person per day supplement condolences.
The provincial Civil Affairs Department, the minimum household In addition to the payment of subsidies the Chinese New Year, after there has never been the reason for making payment of this sum of money, it is difficult for the Government wants to make every effort to let the masses have a good year.

Yesterday, the provincial
Civil Affairs Department has also asked all localities and all the relief stations across the province during the Spring Festival should be carried out for urban living without the vagrants and beggars of the "Five-One" campaign, namely: to send a warm clothing, wash a hot bath, of the rationale for a fat, eating a年饭Mission sent a ticket to return home; conscientiously solve the glorious homes, welfare dependent object烤火heating, to keep out the cold issues, focus on the acquisition of some热水袋aids for the elderly, such as heating at night.