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Wuhan oil prices continue to rise

Wuhan oil prices continue to rise

Outside the plate by a strong push last week, Jiangcheng oil prices continue to rise. Recently the local climate and relatively warm for growing vegetables, cabbage, Brassica campestris, and other red vegetables are cheap, thus pulling down the overall vegetables.
Last week, reporters from the Wuhan Baishazhou big market was informed that the soybean salad oil price is 12,000 yuan / ton, over the previous week's 10,900 yuan / ton, up 10.09 percent; oil prices traded 11,400 yuan / ton, and for the last week 10,450 yuan / ton per ton rose 9.09 percent; vegetable oil last week, also a sharp rise in turnover for the price of 11,900 yuan / ton, over the previous week, rising 8.18 percent per ton.
Bottled oil prices also rose. Compared with the previous week, or the larger S is the soya bean oil, up
5.5 yuan per bottle; Kim phuc duyen soybean oil rose 4.5 yuan per bottle; Chang in soya bean oil was up 3 yuan per bottle.
Vegetables, 20 varieties of vegetables last week, an average price of 1.35 yuan / kg, compared with the previous week's 1.48 yuan / kg compared to a decrease of 8.78 percent. The larger decline is the red species Brassica campestris, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, cabbage, dropped by 44.2%, 29.9%, 25.7%, 25.3%. Among them, Chinese cabbage, Brassica campestris red as a result of external reduced prices.
In addition, last week to monitor dozens of species of large aquatic average 10.8 yuan / kg over the previous week fell 1.19 percent. The Pelteobagrus, mandarin fish, Hualian prices, the decline of 7.32 percent, 6.82 percent, 6.28 percent; carp, herring and prices unchanged last week.