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In 2008 the Ninth Western China International Exposition notice

In 2008 the Ninth Western China International Exposition notice

The relevant business:
West will be the ninth, originally scheduled for May 2008 25-28 held in Chengdu, Sichuan, due to the earthquake in Sichuan Province has been postponed to October 25 -30 held. Western China International Fair (hereinafter referred to as "the West will be") by the Ministry of Commerce, the State Council Western Development Office, the AQSIQ, the China Trade Promotion Council, the Chinese People's Friendship Association, the National Association of Industry and Commerce, General Supply and Marketing Cooperative and western regions 12 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (7 +13) co-sponsored, is set in western China commodity exhibitions, trade and economic exchanges, investment, theoretical study as one of the large-scale economic and trade exposition.
Held since 2000, there have been 10 countries and regions, politicians, world dignitaries, the World Bank and Asian Development Bank Summit, the world's top 500 CEO, business leaders States States Ambassador to China and business officials and foreign businessmen were invited to 30,000 visit. According to statistics, the previous eight exhibitors cumulative 15,000, exhibitors area of 320,000 square meters accumulated, major provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and Hong Kong and Macao regions have set up a regional museum, organizes a wide range of high-level Forum and the economic and trade activities 300 multi-site. At present, the West would be the western region has become a large-scale transactions, and radiation at home and abroad and has an important influence on the comprehensive exposition of China's western region to promote the opening up and played an important role in development.
West of this western region will be more prominent advantages in resources and industrial features, and vigorously promote the "West fusion," "East-West interaction", "Sino-foreign cooperation." Expo project 100,000 square meters of exhibition area, the establishment of the International Museum Museum and investment cooperation as well as the characteristics of agriculture, industrial manufacturing, energy, chemical industry, high-tech, tourism, cultural, ethnic articles for daily use of six major themes Museum. Will be held during the exhibition a number of professional forums, seminars and trade talks, including the International Association of negotiation and Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum will be the second in western China - Southeast Asian entrepreneurs at the General Assembly, the international tourism and cultural promotion, "entered in Eastern Europe, "Economic and Trade Fair, the global buyer, the seller of South-South Fair and other large activities for participants exhibitors to provide a good platform for economic and trade exchanges and cooperation. Welcoming the participants province-related enterprises in order to achieve regional economic complementarities and development, enterprise cooperation and win-win situation.

Contact: Hainan's economic cooperation bureau Office Wu Yi-fen
Tel :0898-65343797 Fax :0898-65381278

May 23, 2008