Tibet Autonomous Region, the promotion of iodized salt in 2008 to make new breakthroughs

In 2008, our region has made new breakthroughs in the promotion of iodized salt. First, objectives and tasks to promote iodized salt to make new breakthroughs in 2008, total sales of 12,447 tons of qualified iodized salt, iodized salt market coverage of 71.35 percent, ahead of the government in 2008 identified 65 percent coverage of iodized salt market objectives, tasks, to raise 6.35 percentage points . The second is to make a breakthrough Salt institutional mechanisms. The autonomous region set up a leading group for the promotion of iodized salt, so morning, as early as the deployment of up and down make joint efforts to strengthen collaboration; the establishment of the autonomous region and around the city of Salt Salt Authority Board; setting up a regional head office and around the city of Salt Salt branch. Third, the network system of iodized salt to make a breakthrough.
My area of Lhasa, Qamdo, Nagqu, Ali four iodized salt distribution center and the region's 7011 retail outlets salt building 180 key projects included in the autonomous region. Four farmers and herdsmen of the supply of iodized salt to make a breakthrough price.