Investment in Tibet in 2008 to implement 356 projects, 4.8 billion of funds in place

In 2008, the Tibet Autonomous Region to implement a total of 356 investment projects, 28.0 billion of funds to sign an agreement and actual capital in place 4.8 billion, up 3%; investment projects mainly related to agricultural and livestock products processing, mineral exploitation, tourism development, Tibetan medicine, building materials, the flow of commerce and other fields. To further expand the areas of investment, to improve the level of opening up the autonomous region, strengthening regional economic cooperation and promote economic restructuring, promoting the development of special industries, expanding employment, increasing financial income, and enhance the development of the ability to play a positive role. At present, the investment promotion of the Tibet Autonomous Region has become a good and fast economic development are an important force.

2009 investment objectives and tasks of the Tibet Autonomous Region are: actual capital in place of 5.0 billion, and strive to complete the six billion yuan, representing 20 percent growth in 2008 above. The autonomous region will be carefully selected group of industrial development can bring the whole region, effective large projects, the establishment of autonomous investment projects focus on the Treasury, and make sure that a group of reserves, investment group to build a number, production batch, and strive to achieve the desired objectives .