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People's Republic of China Shenzhen Customs Notice 2007 No. 3

People's Republic of China Shenzhen Customs Notice 2007 No. 3

For the uniform application of the law, and standardize procedures for handling business-related procedures, improve customs clearance efficiency, the Shenzhen customs After studying the decision, since June 1, 2007, the area of processing trade enterprises (hereinafter referred to as enterprises) in the manual process required to submit the record "Part Number imported materials and parts and Customs merge备案序号table" (hereinafter referred to as "merge table").

The notice related matters as follows:

First, since June 1, 2007, the enterprises to the competent customs manual for the record, the additional on imported materials and parts to merge, and should be submitted to "merge table" (the program is attached), has been imported materials in accordance with its for the record (that is, record the serial number is fully consistent with the expected number) except for the enterprise.

Second, "merge table" belongs to the main contents of the manual record, so "merge table" should in principle be included manual binding contract by the competent customs骑缝章stamp to be confirmed so that the competent customs, ports-to-business import and export customs clearance, processing production, manual write-off businesses such as verification.

Third, enterprises should truthfully declare in accordance with the principle of strict accordance with the "merge table" complete the requirements set out in the "merge table" responsible for the accuracy of the declaration.

Fourth, enterprises merge imported materials and parts, the goods trade names, specifications, country of origin, import price and so must comply with the "merge table" content, otherwise, the relevant provisions of the Customs and Excise Department will be dealt with.

    V. Shenzhen processing trade has been in use for the integrated management information platform for enterprises, must be declared in the platform, at the same time to print the relevant forms with the manual to the competent customs procedures apply for the record.

VI, networking enterprises shall be in accordance with the existing procedures.

Notice is hereby

Part Number imported materials and parts and Customs merge备案序号table

May 29, 2007