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National Customs examination 2007 Civil Notice

National Customs examination 2007 Civil Notice

National Customs examination 2007 Civil Notice

To meet the needs of the Customs and Excise Department civil servants, in accordance with civil service law and the civil service recruitment, as well as the relevant provisions of the CPC Central Committee Organization Department, the unified arrangements of the Ministry of Personnel, General Administration of Customs will organize the implementation of the National Customs and Excise Department in 2007 as director of Section officer examination following the work of civil servants. The notice related matters as follows:

First, apply the conditions

(A) with the People's Republic of nationality;

(B) over 18 years of age, 35 years of age (October 14, 1970 to October 1988 was born 14);

(C) support the Constitution of the PRC;

(D) has a good character;

(E) with normal physical condition to perform their duties;

(Vi) with a college education and job requirements in line with the ability to work;

(Vii) with aspiring jobs require qualifications;

Recruitment jobs clearly require grass-roots work experience, applicants must possess the appropriate grass-roots work experience. Grass-roots work experience, is defined as the following cities (excluding sub-provincial city) party and government organs, institutions, community organizations, all kinds of small and medium enterprises and non-public-owned units and rural work experience. Self-employment, self-employed persons can also be regarded as having grass-roots work experience.

(Viii) other conditions.

Recruited posts, as well as the academic requirements for undergraduate education, and applicants should be at the graduation of national education campaign to obtain the corresponding academic qualifications and diplomas. Where this request, as well as a clear demand that there should be a foreign language certificates or achievements, and applicants should be required to report back to work to provide the appropriate certificate or evidence, can not provide is not hired or cancellation of appointment.

Applying the anti-smuggling police posts should also be in line with the people's police recruitment procedures, conditions and the relevant provisions of授衔age.

The following personnel shall not apply:

(1) active duty;

(2) who is a college student at the time but not in 2007 graduates of staff;

(3) had received criminal punishment of crime and had been expelled from public office;

(4) are under the age for civil servants with local authorities and signed by the period of service of staff;

(5) was included in the civil service law to implement the scope of authority to dismiss staff under the age of 5 years;

(6) In 2005, the Central Organ of 2006 when he was found guilty of recruiting the exam cheating personnel;

(7) shall be legally employed in other cases for the Civil Service personnel.

Second, apply the procedure

(A) job inquiries

2007 Customs units recruited a specific number of posts, categories, eligibility conditions detailed in the "China Customs 2007 civil service recruitment examination leaflets" (hereinafter referred to as "the recruitment rules"). "Recruitment Program" will be in the "university" magazine supplement published in 2006, is also available on October 12 after the adoption of the following website:

The Chinese Government Network (http://www.gov.cn)

Xinhuanet (http://www.xinhuanet.com)

China Network (http://www.china.com.cn)

Ministry of Personnel website (http://www.mop.gov.cn)

General Administration of Customs website (http://www.customs.gov.cn)

Sina (http://www.sina.com.cn)

CDC educational channel (http://edu.china.com)

China Education and Research Network (http://www.edu.cn)

China Education Online (http://www.eol.cn)

Apply the relevant policies, technology and test aspects of the Treasury may also be through the above-mentioned website.

(B) online registration

The registration of all examinations taken by the network application manner, with no registration at the scene. China Customs test site is recorded net (http://kaolu. Customs.gov.cn).

1, submitted for application to take. Applicants may be in at 0:00 on October 14, 2006 to October 24 24:00 China's customs examination during the log recorded net, submitted for application to take. Applicants, who can only choose a department or unit to carry out a job application, can not use the old and new ID number two at the same time enrollment, registration and examination of the use of identity cards must be consistent. Application, the applicants should carefully read the "2007 China Customs examination civil Network How to Enroll", truthfully submit the relevant information and material, where the fraud, once verified, that is disqualified or hiring qualified. Registration required to apply the recommendation forms, registration forms and other application materials can be recorded from the Chinese Customs test network to download, print.

2, query for application to take the results of the review. Staff are invited to apply for October 16, 2006 to October 26 period registry China Customs network query whether the examination was adopted for application to take the review. Through the applicants to apply for review can not apply for other positions; for application to take the review has not yet been adopted or for application to take the review, reported that other posts can be changed. (Note: According to application and review the timing of the work, in the last two days or 23 days, candidates who register on the 24th if not through a review, may not be able to change the time of voluntary registration.)

3, query application serial number. Through the applicants to apply for review, please in 2006, 10 on 30 day 8: 00 after the sign in the Chinese Customs examination network query application serial number, and self-generated, print application registration form. Registration serial number is registered for staff to confirm registration, download and print admission ticket query results such matters as an important basis and keywords, be sure to keep in mind.

(C) the registration confirmation

Through the review of candidates t; FONT-FAMILY: 方正仿宋_GBK; mso-bidi-font-family: 宋体; mso-font-kerning: 0pt; mso-hansi-font-family: 宋体">for application to take the staff to confirm the need for registration. Recognizing that the use of online registration confirmation and on-site confirmed in two ways, and not scheduled to participate in registration and payment are seen as confirmation waiver examination.

1, on-line confirmation. In Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi, Shandong, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, Shaanxi, Ningxia , Xinjiang, and other 26 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) to participate in public subjects written to apply, please in at 9:00 on October 31, 2006 to at 16:00 on November 6 in the Ministry of Personnel Web site or area where the civil service examination bodies test site online registration and payment confirmation.

Online registration confirmation applicants should upload my recent hat electronic photos (passport positive recent bareheaded, jpg format, the width of 1-2 cm, 2-3 cm in height, the size of 20KB or less), and the provisions of the Internet to pay the relevant charges.

考务费be used to waive or reduce the enjoyment of the rural poor and urban low university staff, no online confirmation, please call the selected test areas of the civil service examination bodies Advisory phones, according to the examination bodies designated date, place and procedures of registration confirmation. Confirmed that the relevant supporting material to be brought for relief procedures. Proof materials include: the enjoyment of the national minimum living allowance for urban families apply for the staff, their families and the location of the counties (districts, cities) issued by civil affairs departments to enjoy minimum living proof and low assurance (copy); rural absolute poor families sit personnel, their families and the location of the counties (districts, cities) Poverty Alleviation Office (sector) issued by the poor and destitute families to prove the basic situation of the file card (photocopy). Beijing and other 26 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), the civil service examination bodies and advisory telephone contact in the Ministry of Personnel Web site or network of the Chinese Customs examination inquiries.

2, at the scene confirmed. In Hainan, Guizhou, Tibet, Gansu, Qinghai and other five provinces (regions) to participate in public subjects written to apply, please in November 3, 2006 -4 Day 9: 00-16: 00 on-site registration and payment confirmation , on-site registration to confirm the location requested in 2006 October 30 to November 4 in the Ministry of Personnel Web site or network of the Chinese Customs examination inquiries.

When applicants apply at the scene confirmed that staff should be submitted to 1-inch recent positive hat a passport (photos back写清must register the serial number), to pay the relevant charges.

考务费be used to waive or reduce the enjoyment of the rural poor college students and urban subsistence allowances to be brought in to confirm the relevant supporting material (ibid.) for relief procedures.

(D) online print admission ticket

After the success of application to confirm, please apply for staff at 9:00 on November 18, 2006 11 months 23 day 16: 00 period, the registry Web site or the Ministry of Personnel test area where the civil service examination bodies download and print admission ticket.

Print if there is any question, please visit the above website or test area where the civil service examination institutions to resolve.

Third, the examination content, time and place

(A) public subjects written

1, the content. Public subjects including administrative professional competence written test and Shanghai on the two subjects. Details of the situation, "the central authority and its affiliated institutions in 2007 the civil service examination subjects in the examination syllabus."

2, time and place. Public subjects written time for November 25, 2006 a day. The specific arrangements as follows:

Am    9: 00 - 11: 00     Chief Occupational Aptitude Test

Pm   14: 00 - 16: 30     On Shanghai

The examination will be cities in all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and individual larger cities set up the examination room. Applicants should be determined in accordance with the admission ticket at the time and place to take the test. Take the exam, we must at the same time to bring admission ticket and identity card. The lack of documentation of the candidates may not take the test.

3, query results. Public subjects written results and a passing mark line into the registry by the end of December 2006 the Chinese customs examination network inquiries.

(B) interviews and professional examinations

All units will be recruited in the public subjects written qualified personnel, in accordance with the order from high to low total score, according to hiring plans 3 - 5 times the proportion of identifying and professional examinations for interview candidates. There are no staff positions recruited through public subjects written passing mark lines or public subjects written the number of qualified plans to hire less than 3 times the number can be added through the swap candidates. Professional examinations to enter the interview and a list of persons through the Ministry of Personnel and the China Customs examination network announced.

Interviews and professional examinations determined by the recruitment unit. Candidates may also log on the Ministry of Personnel and China Customs examination network inquiries. During a job interview, are required to provide my ID card, student card (work permit) Original, register table, where the units issued by the consent of applicants to prove (with official seals) or where the school seal application forms and other material recommended. The lack of such material, and in principle, shall not attend the interview. Where the material false information, recruitment unit will cancel the applicants qualified to participate in interviews.

(C) medical examination and inspection

Through interviews and professional exams will be organized by the recruitment of medical examination and study.

Staff to be recruited by the recruitment unit in accordance with the set procedures and standards from the examination results, medical examination and the findings are best qualified personnel in the identification, will be publicized in the Ministry of Personnel website.


Special Note: The examinations will not be specified examination counseling books, do not hold any institution is not commissioned to conduct examinations counseling courses. Currently, there are any civil service examination proposition Group, specialized training institutions, such as remedial classes held in the name, counseling sites or publications, cards, etc., has nothing to do with this exam. Please alert the vast numbers of applicants and not deceived.





October 13, 2006