Shenzhen Customs orders center on the expansion of the scope of business issues related to notice in 2008 Notice No. 7

People's Republic of China Shenzhen Customs

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2008 No. 7

To further facilitate the customs clearance procedures for import and export enterprises, according to access a single center operations and business needs, since the date of this announcement, the Shenzhen Customs to expand the scope of business then a single center. Notice on the relevant issues are as follows:

First, with the client coordinator system associated with the use of enterprise groups subordinate mode declaration associated enterprises or enterprises can access a single center for the import and export declarations business. In carrying out the business before the customer coordinator system-related enterprises should be brought forward to the next single center applications, this volume of business, the original business case for points.

Second, the client coordinator system and involves only the shipping companies通关单integrity of customs declarations into scope. Of declarations and electronic data通关单than normal declarations apply to remote release, after paying the integrity of a single customs clearance mode. After delivery orders in a single unified Center.

Three other operations remain unchanged.

Fourth, the Advisory Hotline: 0755-84395714.

Is hereby announced.

November 6, 2008