Shenzhen Customs export declarations regarding questions relating to the use of the Bulletin in 2008 Notice No. 5

People's Republic of China Shenzhen Customs

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2008 No. 5

To simultaneously satisfy the original declaration of pre-entry systems, electronic ports pre-entry declaration system (version 4.0, referred to as QP system), such as declarations of the two systems on demand, the relevant question notice as follows:

First, since the date of this announcement, the network supervision enterprises EDI purchase but have not yet been used, and the Customs and Excise No. 166940000 - 167440000, 168550000 - 168900000 declarations of exports of goods will not be able to re-use.

Second, the enterprise has purchased belong to the above number range of export goods unused declarations, specifically the disposal of Shenzhen Customs will line announcement.

Three of the bulletins have questions, please contact the Shenzhen customs office trial alone. Contact Tel: 0755-84398750.

Is hereby announced.

September 23, 2008