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About 2009 China Shoes Dongguan Shoetec (spring) a notice in the breeze

About 2009 China Shoes Dongguan Shoetec (spring) a notice in the breeze

The relevant business:

China Light Industry Arts & Crafts Import and Export Chamber of Commerce of China Dongguan International Shoes, shoes-China Shoes Machine Exhibition Organizers for the Ninth Exhibition of the work of organizations and fluttering to the Chamber of Commerce member companies to provide more extensive contacts with international buyers opportunities and to take this trade-ping Units enable enterprises to expand brand image, understanding of industry information.

Exhibition Time: May 2009 5-7 Day

Venue: Guangdong, Dongguan (Houjie) in Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center

Pavilion Location: District of finished shoes

Participation Fee: Standard Price: 303 U.S. dollars / 2060 yuan / sq m

Price: 211 U.S. dollars / 1432 yuan / sq m (Chamber of Commerce Member price)

Light to the original price: 243 U.S. dollars / 1650 yuan / sq m

Price: 146 U.S. dollars / 990 yuan / square meter (Chamber of Commerce Member price)

Application Deadline: March 25, 2009

Dongguan China Shoes Shoetec Introduction:

China International Footwear Exhibition Shoetec are a professional footwear exhibition, has been successfully held the eighth. The exhibition is a display of Chinese footwear products in the stage, on behalf of today's footwear industry in our country the latest trends.

1, Introduction organizers: Messe Duesseldorf (China) Co., Ltd. is a German subsidiary of Messe Düsseldorf GmbH. Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, Germany are the world's largest footwear exhibition - GDS host. I will, as one of the organizers will further make joint efforts with other organizers, put the exhibition into a world-class Shoes.

2,2009 in the spring exhibition Outlook:

The exhibition will attract 21,000 buyers attended the show at home and abroad procurement, the total exhibition area of 23,000 square meters, are worthy of the name footwear exhibition in Asia. Set up and open up domestic sales channels, qualified buyers set up an assessment mechanism. The establishment of zones, the "STOCK ZONE" showroom model, the introduction of foreign brands, such as second and third line.

China Light Industry Import and Export Chamber of Commerce Arts & Crafts Pavilion and will provide special services as follows:

Move-decoration: Unified personalized decoration, highlighted the Chamber of Commerce Member of the overall image

Pre-show publicity: the organizers will be at the exhibition site and related media in coming days the area Chamber of Commerce news

Footwear to the media at home and abroad participating Chamber of Commerce issued a press release
Show Chamber of Commerce published in the media exhibitors Review
Chamber of Commerce and affiliated business and exhibition site Internet
Chambers of commerce and enterprises to enjoy the virtual exhibition site offers product demonstrations, meetings with clients and other services

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URL: www.cccla.org.cn


Wang Ying,焦辉, Wang Hao

China Light Industry Arts & Crafts Import and Export Chamber of Commerce

February 20, 2009