Shenzhen Customs on entry-exit re-express carrier companies registered on the question of notice in 2008 Notice No. 6

People's Republic of China Shenzhen Customs

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2008 No. 6

    In order to strengthen the exit and entry management express carriers, according to Customs requirements, Shenzhen Customs has decided to carry out entry and exit express business operators re-registration. The notice related matters as follows:

First, since the date of announcement of the clearance area in Shenzhen was the exit and entry qualifications of the express mail express declaration enterprises, the Shenzhen Customs started to apply for its re-registration procedures.

Second, the express mail operators re-registration should be in line with the "People's Republic of China on Entry and Exit Customs express regulatory approach" (the General Administration of Customs Decree No. 147) requirements.

Three, the express operators should be October 31, 2008, to the enterprises engaged in entry and exit of the express courier business customs supervision center field for re-registration procedures.

Fourth, they have doubts about this announcement, please visit the Shenzhen customs post of Management Services, contact. Contact Tel: 0755-84398225.
Is hereby announced.

September 27, 2008