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Shenzhen Customs in 2008 the new civil servants to report Notes

Shenzhen Customs in 2008 the new civil servants to report Notes

According to customs of civil servants recruited my job, it is on the new civil servants in 2008 to report back on the attention to the notice as follows:
First, appearance, time: 2008 on 16 Day 7 (Wednesday)
9:00 am to 12:00, afternoon 14:00 to 17:00
Second, appearance, location: Shenzhen Customs Style Activity Center (Address: Heping Road, Shenzhen, No. 1087)
Three, appearance of the documents must carry the information:

1, fresh graduates:派遣证(report cards), account migration card, ID card, diploma, degree certificate, certificate of foreign language level of hierarchy, the party (Mission) To organize the relationship between the transfer of a letter of recommendation.
2, non-college graduates: ID card, diploma, degree certificate, letter of introduction Administration (identity-service candidates), party (Mission) To organize the relationship between the transfer of a letter of recommendation.
3, married and non-Shenzhen residence, in addition to the above have to submit material, and the other to be submitted: a marriage certificate, spouse booklet, "the floating population in Guangdong Province contraception report a single" (Shenzhen Municipal Service Center for family planning); one of had given birth or pregnancy, needs to be submitted to: family planning, to prove (to be home to the street work of family planning agencies), child residence booklet, the one-child certificates.
4, had work experience, please provide the original terms of employment (labor) endowment insurance contracts and payment vouchers to pay.
The above documents must be originals.
Other Description:
1, non-Shenzhen city Shenzhen graduates and non-account-service society relations in the transfer of members to issue a letter of introduction, the rise of the "Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee Organization Department," signed out of the unit as "Municipal Organization Department of Education or Work" (city or more units). Shenzhen city, Shenzhen city institutions and staff members account the relationship between the rise of the transfer of a letter of introduction to "Shenzhen Customs."
2, applying "customs supervision II" and "anti-three" position, moving into the residence address as "Zhongkai Huizhou City Public Security Bureau police station."
3, candidates have to carry my access to all post-secondary or higher diploma and degree certificates.
4, be sure to prepare the necessary documents to report back to the smooth handling registration formalities.
5, to report back to the Customs immediately after the focus on education and training first started out as a training base. Training period, the unification of board and lodging arrangements. Please report back during the staff training required to carry daily necessities (no bedding preparation and training services). Arrangements to visit during training.
6, please note that travel to the deep safety.

(Work phone :0755-84398644)

Shenzhen Customs Personnel June 30, 2008