I will discuss with the Putian City to build a base for exporting footwear opening ceremony

China Light Industry Arts & Crafts Import and Export Chamber of Commerce and Putian Municipal People's Government

Chinese footwear export base to build the opening ceremony that was held in Dongguan

October 30 China Light Industry Arts & Crafts Import and Export Chamber of Commerce together with the Putian Municipal People's Government at Dongguan International Footwear Exhibition held during the "Building Chinese footwear export base" of the opening ceremony.

Build export bases are the Import and Export Chamber of Commerce and the local government about changing the growth mode of foreign trade, industries and enterprises to promote independent innovation, and nurture their own brands of innovative initiatives conducive to trade associations and local governments have complementary advantages, and improve the coordination of export services and export system, to promote sound and orderly development of the industry.

Putian, is located at the western side of China Taiwan, is a new type of industrial port city, transport facilities, known as "Chinese鞋城" the name, the footwear industry are the traditional advantage of Putian industry, shoe industry clusters are large in scale, are the pillars of Putian City industry in Fujian Province are the most important footwear production base in the world of sports shoes an important production base. At present, Putian has formed a sports shoes, shoes, cloth shoes, rubber shoes and鞋模, shoe soles, shoe machine, shoes and shoes with metal ornaments, shoe accessories, etc. into the shoes, shoe, shoes, and Des shoes machine materials and related industries, such as the simultaneous development of the pattern of

Putian City and the China Light Industry Arts & Crafts Import and Export Chamber of Commerce Cooperation in the Establishment of Putian City of shoe-making industry for the healthy and stable, and efficient Express plug in sustainable development to take off, it marked the Putian City, the footwear industry in the international trading arena With a broader stage, will also Driven Putian City shoe and adjust the industrial structure optimization and upgrading.