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EU shoe anti-dumping review of the forum held in Dongguan

EU shoe anti-dumping review of the forum held in Dongguan

The European Union in October 7, 2006 on the production from China, Vietnam shoes to take a two-year anti-dumping measures, October 6 this year, measures about to expire. Italian footwear manufacturers have made it clear that President of the Federation of Italian will be requesting an extension of EU anti-dumping period. This augurs well for leather case review of the EU about to begin soon.

To this end, April 16, I will co-organized with the Asian shoe held enterprises in Dongguan and the surrounding areas the forum.
Council, the participants on measures taken since the enterprise's exports and on the next step in how to respond to the recommendations of the EU review of issues such as heated discussion, and reached a consensus: it alone is no way out, Chinese enterprises should be unified in order to to defend national interests, corporate interests, everyone must work together to support each other to jointly cope with the coming of the anti-dumping review.