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"Eleven" golden-week operation of the province's consumer goods market

"Eleven" golden-week operation of the province's consumer goods market

"Eleven" Golden Week, the province's consumer goods market overall showing a "an adequate supply of stable prices, excellent services, the purchase and sale of active" running posture. Business Department at all levels, firmly grasp the "holiday economy" driving consumer an opportunity to expand sales efforts and achieved tangible results. According to bureau monitoring, "eleven" Golden Week, the province's urban and rural market is prosperous, an adequate supply of merchandise, and prices are stable, food, home appliances, computer, mobile phone, digital products, home appliances, building materials, gold and silver jewelry, automobiles, etc. selling merchandise, driving sales to grow steadily, the province's total retail sales of social consumer goods achieve 7.07 billion yuan, up 24.5 percent.

First, an adequate supply of merchandise.
Department at all levels of business focus on consumer holiday seize an opportunity to seriously study the market supply and demand of new features and new trends, guide commercial enterprises to actively organize marketable commodity, the rich variety of goods to meet consumer demand, multi-level, in particular, are adapted to the consumption structure of residents Change the upgrade to increase the name, excellent, new, special merchandise, green food, fresh food and the special holiday merchandise supply. According to statistics, the province invested preganglionic 4,480,000,000 yuan of non-staple food, daily-use industrial products 6.07 billion yuan, an increase than the amount of merchandise into two to ensure that the holiday market supply and prices of basic commodities stable.

Second, promoting the consumption effect. Golden Week, Dalian bureau organized group at the 16 enterprises in our province has launched the "prosperity Longjiang, celebrating eleven to" promote the consumption activities to promote our province and promote consumption retail enterprises to carry out comprehensive. The large and medium-sized shopping mall promotions colorful, wedding merchandise, brand name merchandise, season merchandise and food, household appliances, clothing and so hot. Bureau during the holiday focus on monitoring 61 enterprises amounted to achieve sales of 317 million yuan, up 25.6 percent. September 30, Dalian Dashang Group hundred new Harbin, Qiqihar Department Store, Department Store Mudanjiang, Jiamusi Department Store, Daqing Department Store, Qitaihe Mart shopping plaza new six companies achieve sales of 28 million yuan the day, year-on-year growth of 89%, respectively, 124%, 85.8%, 29.6%, 98.2% and 34%.

Three, catering services consumption growth. "Eleven" period, our province and pleasant weather, wedding ceremonies are held in an ideal season, catering services give our province a good market opportunities. At the same time, to our province a marked increase in tourist visitors, the food and beverage companies launched a variety of timely Convenience Services initiatives, to meet consumer demand. Wedding, a private, friends meal, leisure food, fast food meal, such as Driven and flavor of the center city's main commercial street of shops catering business is booming, the main hotel restaurant's boarding rate increased significantly. Golden Week, Harbin City, Howard Macy Restaurant, Harbin Gloria Inn, Hao Yichun City hotels, hotel operating income jiamusi nature year-on-year growth of 31.5%, respectively, 41.8%, 37.9% and 24% respectively.

Four, home appliances category is booming merchandise sales. A variety of brand-name high-end flat-panel television, high-capacity energy-saving refrigerators, health-based smart washing machines, computers, microwave ovens, induction cooker, DVD, mobile phone, MP4 and with "microcomputer" feature of small household electrical appliances, such as the situation was hot, sales surge . Black Swan in Harbin, Suning Electric Appliances franchise companies such as Golden Week, held a variety of discount promotions, consumers benefit and greater choice. According to statistics, the Golden Week, Harbin GOME (Black Swan), Suning Appliance, the appliance maker to increase sales 30 percent above normal, Mudanjiang City, Guanghui companies, Yichun City, home appliances shopping malls Chaoxing sales grew more than 25%.

Friday, residents of more rational consumption. Golden Week, while merchants have been offering a variety of promotional measures, but there has been no holiday market focus on the phenomenon of panic buying. Harbin song LEI, ambitious, Manhattan, Central Mall, Wal-Mart and other large department stores, all kinds of promotional activities warm, give an increase of festive holiday atmosphere, urban residents will go shopping as a leisure holiday the main content, rather than at merchant promotions attracted by means of blind consumption, residents tend to consume more rational manner.

VI, dairy products and the major non-staple food prices stable. According to bureau monitoring, Golden Week, all over our province dairy products, grain, oil, meat, eggs, etc the main non-staple food abundant, price stability. First, an adequate supply of dairy products market, a wide variety, price and basically the same as last month, real estate sales increase in dairy products. Second, food prices are stable, before and section did not appear abnormal price volatility, prices rose slightly in the same period last year. Three are of fresh pork, eggs, Lei Price steadily, dropped 8.6 percent year-on-year, 4.1% and 5.1%. Four vegetable prices are steadily, mainly 18 kinds of vegetables the same period last year the average price declined about 10%.

Seven, the market orderly. Golden Week, Business Department at all levels conscientiously implement the bureau "do a good job in about eleven holiday food safety and job market, the supply of emergency notification," the spirit in industry and commerce, price, technical supervision, food and health departments work closely with and strengthen the market inspection, to strengthen the circulation of food safety and food service supervision and management of household consumption is directly related to the safe dairy products, rice, flour, oil, soy sauce, vinegar, meat products and other essential necessities of life, strict market access system, ensure the quality and safety. At the same time intensified its attack against the water, meat, and the wrongful act listed病害肉, safeguarding the interests of consumers and ensure the quality and safety of the main staple food.

Heilongjiang bureau
October 7 OO 2 years