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Shenzhen Customs 2008公务员考录interview questions before the notice

Shenzhen Customs 2008公务员考录interview questions before the notice

Candidates have to attend interviews at job interviews within seven days after release of the list of customs sent me the following materials (in local postmark date).
Graduates have to apply the registration form provided by the candidates, school enrollment recommend seal table (including transcripts, must be both positive and negative print). Posts has been made such as the requirements of Level certificate or a foreign language score, and I would be grateful if copies of certificates or transcripts should be included; fresh graduates are delaying the dispatch of the need to provide degree certificates and academic qualifications and job requirements of a foreign language score Level certificate or a copy of .

Social-service personnel have to provide written consent of the host unit to apply to prove (such as the need for candidates who have resigned leaving certificate), application registration form, copy of academic qualifications and degree certificates.
Unemployed persons have to provide the personnel files of the file where the units issued by trustee proves that the registration application form, copies of academic qualifications and degree certificates.
Returned overseas students have to provide registration forms for application, qualification and degree certificates, relevant departments of the Ministry of Education Certification of qualifications, I embassies issued a copy of relevant supporting material.
Mailing Address: 1087 Heping Road, Shenzhen, Shenzhen Customs Personnel No. recorded in the civil service examination office, Postal Code 518017
Where non-material and related material false information, I will cancel the clearance interview eligible applicants.

January 21, 2008