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Shenzhen Customs orders regarding the opening of the Center Bulletin 2008 Bulletin No. 3

Shenzhen Customs orders regarding the opening of the Center Bulletin 2008 Bulletin No. 3


People's Republic of China Shenzhen Customs

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2008 No. 3

To further facilitate the customs clearance procedures for import and export enterprises, for the vast number of import and export enterprises to provide one-stop, cross-boundary customs clearance services, Shenzhen Customs set up collection orders, taxes and fees such as customs clearance back office operations in one management body - orders Center. Orders on the opening of the Center for Problem Notice as follows:

1, and then single-center Address: Shenzhen Customs Complex Building business information technology (Shenzhen City, Shennan Road, Futian Central District No. 2006).

Second, take a single center opened Time: August 8, 2008.

Three, then the admissibility of a single center of business: at Huanggang, Man Kam To, Sha Tau Kok, Shenzhen Bay, Shekou, Mirs six ports customs clearance of import and export goods declaration, document review, the collection of taxes and fees, documents released certification by such business.

Four, since the center opened in orders from the date of, such as AA-type import and export enterprises (including the Shenzhen Customs Client coordinator system enterprises) use of non-credibility clearance mode, can select the current mode according to the customs port for import and export customs clearance procedures, but also to choose to access a single center for the customs clearance procedures, customs data reporting format unchanged. Port Customs Center or receive documents released, the enterprises in accordance with the current practice of handling of goods crossing the road crossings or sea ports of nuclear release of the delivery / shipment procedures.

Enterprise customers coordinator system integrity customs declarations after the settlement pattern of single-sub-port phased transfer centers handle orders, specific adjustments are as follows: August 8, Man Kam To Control Point; August 23, Huanggang, Sha Tau Kok, Shenzhen Bay Port ; August 30, Mirs, Shekou Port, the above declarations are to declare the date of the closing date.

Friday, other import and export enterprises still existing provisions of the customs clearance procedures, adjust time without notice.

6, the Advisory Hotline :0755-84395714.

Is hereby announced.

August 4, 2008