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WTO Secretary, Ministry of Commerce Zhang Xiangchen on the management of the new EU chemicals legislation (REACH) Qiyue

WTO Secretary, Ministry of Commerce Zhang Xiangchen on the management of the new EU chemicals legislation (REACH) Qiyue

Management of the new EU chemicals legislation both "chemicals Registration, evaluation, authorization and restrictions" (REACH regulation) was December 13, 2006 and December 18 respectively, through the European Parliament and EU Council finally vote formally promulgated and will be June 1, 2007 begin full implementation. The regulations start eleven years after the implementation of, the requirements of all production in the EU or the European Union imports more than 1 tons / year of chemical substances have the registration formalities. 19, Ministry of Commerce to the WTO Secretary Zhang Xiangchen thus answering a reporter's question.

Reporter: management of the new EU chemicals legislation (REACH) What are the contents?

Zhang Xiangchen: management of the new EU chemicals legislation (REACH), including chemicals (Chemicals) registration (Registration), Assessment (Evaluation), authorization (Authorisation) and restriction (Restriction) of four parts.
Registration is one of the original commitment by the government authorities to collect chemical safety data collated published duty, to the responsibility of enterprises. Any in the EU production, sale and use of chemicals and downstream products containing the chemical substances produced or imported more than 1 tons / year, have to be to provide enterprise register files, including chemicals and chemical safety of the technical file assessment report. According to production, sales as well as the classification of chemicals production and sales of different or the same obligation to register the majority of the material to pass through the enterprises to participate in pre-registration process and will register as at the date of delay, delay of up to 10 years, part of chemicals, such as food additives, pharmaceuticals, polymers, etc. may also be exempted from registration.
Assessment is based on the EU REACH regulatory agencies to provide the register file of registered chemicals assessment, including assessment and chemical assessment files. Subsequently in accordance with the results of the assessment to decide whether the material classified as "highly concerned about the material" or the need for restrictions on the material.
Authorization of chemicals are based on the results of the assessment of "high concern substances" the implementation of control, according to the application, approvals, authorizations to conduct business-to such substances or the safe operation of a particular production, enterprises may not be used in any unauthorized use of the substance.
Restrictions, it is the implementation of previous EU REACH near 30 chemicals directive limiting the continuation of the EU member states can flow through the implementation of restrictions on, put it thinks there is harm to human health or environmental risks of substances throughout the European Union for its production, sale and use restrictions.

Reporter: management of the new EU chemicals legislation (REACH) will be on China's business what kind of impact?

Zhang Xiangchen: According to customs statistics, Sino-EU bilateral trade in 2005 amounted to 217.31 billion U.S. dollars, of which the volume of trade between chemicals 16.758 billion U.S. dollars, involving 32,453 enterprises. One of 7.976 billion U.S. dollars exports, 8.782 billion U.S. dollars of imports. 2006 January-October the volume of trade between China and the EU chemicals to reach 16 billion U.S. dollars, is expected throughout the year will be close to 19 billion U.S. dollars. Therefore, enterprises can successfully deal with the EU's REACH regulations for Sino-EU trade in chemicals to ensure unhindered access is very important.
New legislation is an important characteristic of more chemicals to control the risk management department from the duty to the enterprise. Therefore, the production, management, use of chemicals business need to know the security features of chemical substances, know whether or not to harm humans and the environment, but also has the support of experimental data. Since entering the EU market, there is no data to prove their safety, there will be no market access. Data acquisition, in accordance with the REACH regulations accordingly complete the registration, evaluation and authorization procedure may raise the cost of production and exports would bring about the corresponding business impact.
In addition, the enterprise should also develop effective measures to control risk, which the operation of the business philosophy and management level has posed a challenge, there is no effective risk control measures not same market access.
For downstream users, with the upper reaches of the necessary chemicals businesses use information, scene exposure information, and ensure the safety of chemicals on the lower reaches of the chain in the information on the flow of communication, to protect the health of consumers.
In short, from now on, China's enterprises should be prepared to deal with the REACH regulations begin technical preparations to become the main body to deal with REACH regulations to ensure that China-EU trade in chemicals in the new EU chemicals legislation managed smoothly.

Reporter: China's enterprises have to cope with REACH regulations to prepare?

Zhang Xiangchen: According to Chinese Ministry of Commerce and CCCMC related questionnaire results show that China's chemical industry business-to-REACH regulations have three kinds of cognitive situations: first, a better understanding, more seriously, but do not know how to response, some large enterprises have set up a special Group; second, know that, but I do not know the specific details, do not know what negative effects; the third, I do not know, strong sheep mentality, believing that "car to there Shanqian Road "," boat to the bridge be straightened out. " Most enterprises have not yet carried out the corresponding technical data collection and reserve job, there is no register for REACH to make any preparation.

Reporter: China's enterprises to cope with REACH regulations necessary preparation to do what kind of job?

Zhang Xiangchen: on China's enterprises, the most important job is as soon as possible at trade organizations such as associations under the coordination with upstream and downstream enterprises, especially their respective enterprise customers in the EU to communicate, to understand their own business or chemical products downstream manufactures chemicals are required to be registered, when the register must be completed as soon as possible in accordance with regulatory requirements to collect data and information required for registration, in order to start in April 2008 to prepare pre-register.

Reporter: Ministry of Commerce for Chinese enterprises to deal with what have been the work of REACH? To carry out what the future will work?

Zhang Xiangchen: the guidance of China's enterprises to actively respond to REACH regulations, so that China's industries and enterprises a comprehensive understanding of relevant laws and regulations, master of response measures, and strive to be on China's negative impact on related industries to a minimum. Chinese Ministry of Commerce will work with CCCMC, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association and other industry organizations, as well as relevant government departments for industry and enterprises to deal with REACH regulations provide a wide range of services.
We have a wide range of business research, know the business situation and business needs. Next we will organize industry experts on the REACH legislation and its implementation details of the final text for the translation and research, flow analysis of its operation and to develop a suitable response to China's enterprises. We are also ready to deal with the establishment of the China Advisory REACH website for enterprises know the specific content of REACH legislation has provided a platform for information exchange.
In future, the Ministry of Commerce World Trade Division United industry organizations will also be on China's enterprises in response to REACH special training, the development of REACH industry guide for Chinese enterprises to deal with REACH to provide strong support.