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Sri Lanka the world's clove output prices

Sri Lanka the world's clove output prices

Estimated at the middle quarter of 2009, the clove price will be substantially higher price than the normal year of much more expensive.

Sri Lanka, is the world's major exporter of cloves.

Clove prices of the main reasons is because Sri Lanka clove all lean production, and production has moved from a normal year's annual production capacity of around 8,000 tons, fell to last year (2008) has only a quantity of 700 tons.

In addition, because of the scope of the current global economy is in recession, so consumer demand on the cloves will also be reduced.

Brazil, is another of the clove-producing countries, where the market situation is very unstable.

Cloves, in a number of other major producing countries and regions, the annual output is as follows: Zanzibar is 3 000 tons; Madagascar for 9 000 tons; It is said that in 2009 annual production season, the Indonesian clove production is to be as general (at the middle level ).

Sri Lanka cloves, near 90% of the production are exported to India.

Although the annual January, Sri Lanka are the peak harvest cloves, but now the situation has changed, the quantity shipped to India but not many.

Indian importers who said that because of lack of clove supply, so prices as high as 4 200 -5 200 per ton of $.

According to the importer said that the current international market quotation on the clove vary, such as: In Madagascar, the price of cloves Products per ton 3 500 -3 700 dollars; Zanzibar clove prices are 4 200 U.S. dollars per ton; Indonesia's Products Price per ton at 5 300 -5 500 dollars; and Colombia clove of quotation, it is 200 U.S. dollars per tonne 5.

The tobacco industry demand for cloves situation

Indonesia's tobacco industry, the use of many production clove clove cigarettes, clove export so its not too much on quantity.

India, even the use of clove are a big country, the estimated annual demand of up to 8 cloves of 000 tons, but India is estimated that domestic production of cloves is also less than 2 000 tons, and the rest must rely on imports to resolve (mainly imported from Sri Lanka) .

Indian industry sources, a 23-year-old tree order丁香树, can produce 23 kilograms of wet cloves, a 80-year-old tree can produce丁香树order 60 -80 kg of cloves; and 3 kg of wet cloves, before was 1 kg of dry clove.

Because of labor shortage, the wages paid to workers cost more, which is a major problem.

Production of 1 kg of dry clove cost is 250 Indian rupees; and harvest 25 acres of clove, you need 300 -350 workers; 2008 Lilac obtained when the harvest, in order to reduce costs, only from the distant Tuticorin hired a temporary workers.