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Boao Forum in 2009 will be held April 17

Boao Forum in 2009 will be held April 17

BFA Secretary-General Long Yongtu: "global economic situation is going through the past half century the most serious crisis, it is worth reflection, introspection and a lot of questions to explore. At this year's theme, the participants on how to deal with the current international financial crisis faced by the Asian challenge, how to seek financial innovation, openness and balance, as well as supervision in 2009 the trend of the economic outlook for the development of the situation and other issues to explore and communicate. "

As in previous years such as youth leaders at the round table, that is: the test of crisis leadership.
Conference sub-themes are: capital market, out of the shadow of the crisis; creative Asia; adjust in the Chinese real estate market;又逢winter after a decade, the Internet, innovation-driven economic change; Boao Asian Contemporary Art Salon: interoperability, as with communication, to seek Asia the value of consensus-building; the international financial system: the role of emerging economies; Doha Round: Prospects crisis; seek financial innovation, openness and balance of supervision; small and medium-sized talent, financing and growth strategy; subject supper Council: the United States economy .

At the same time, this forum will be the first time emerging economies as a General Assembly to focus on the content and discussion focused on how emerging economies in the international financial system reform to play a role, how the face of international trade and investment, as well as energy and raw materials prices fluctuations. How to formulate business strategies in emerging markets, small and medium-sized talent, financing and development strategy, private equity and venture capital, how to treat emerging markets are meeting the topics to be discussed.